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The Unexplained Explored
The Unexplained Explored is informative, but at the same time gives the reader an opportunity to consider alternative possibilities, so that they can add these to their own thoughts and maybe discover an answer to the mysteries explored? The book covers a wide range of topics and offers new theories on subjects like Future Dreams, Ghosts, ESP, Life after Death and Evolution. Many of the more well known subjects have not been forgotten like: The Bermuda Triangle, Deja Vu, Dowsing, The Holy Grail, The Occult, Ouija Board, Palmistry, Tarot and of course Time Travel. More recent mysteries are also examined like: UFOs and Aliens, Chemtrails, Planet X, Remote Viewing, Reverse Speech, Roswell UFO incident, Crop Circles, Hypnosis, Near Death Experiences and the WTC attack on 9/11. Each category offers an explanation of the subject and provides the views of opposing sides.

A Guide to Working and Playing in a Casino
A detailed guide to casinos, for players and those considering a career in the casino business. Take a "crash course" on becoming a croupier and discover what you will need to do on a training school. Special tests included for players and potential croupiers. Learn the secrets from a person involved in the casino business for more than 25 years.

 E-Book--Download a copy of the "Guide to Working and Playing in a Casino" today. Detailed information with coloured diagrams and images.

Fight with extremism and freedom of religion concerns
A very valuable insight into extremism and religion. This book is highly recommended!
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Global Warming - The Final Solution
“Global Warming - The Final Solution’ was written after many years of research into the possible cause of Global Warming and its most likely outcome.Whilst the cause of Global Warming is still debatable, there is little doubt that its effects will create catastrophic changes. This may not produce a total extinction, but our population is likely to be reduced to such a level that the result will almost be the same. As the sea levels and temperatures rise to alarming rates, mankind will face its toughest battle to date, as every person on the planet fight for their survival. But should we fail to adapt to the increasingly hostile conditions, maybe the “Final Solution” suggested in the book is not as unlikely as it may seem at first glance. Whilst this may be the first time humans have encountered such extreme changes on our planet, history has revealed that these events are nothing new to the Earth.

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