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Airship Earth blimp
This remote control flying earth blimp is a must for any batchelor pad, fly it aroung the house good for geogreaphy lessons as well!

Bladerunner radio controlled helicopter
This is by far the most stable and easy to control helicopter that we have tested. It can even hovers while you figure out your next move! Ready to fly forwards or backwards, left or right, the Bladerunner indoor R/C helicopter can hover and fly with precision control.

Crazy cue ball

 Crazy Cue Ball

The crazy cue ball is the perfect practical joke! This cue ball is regular in every way but one: it is weighted off-center. When this ball rolls, it wiggles and rolls off to the side, and sometimes even changes direction. Imagine the laughs you'll get when your opponent thinks he is seeing things. The crazy cue ball makes a great gift, or is even better to just have around for the trickster in all of us.

E-Z Air Trainer

 E-Z Air Trainer

HARD TO BREAK AND EASY TO FIX! Pilot your own Aircraft with the inexpensive E-Z Air Trainer. The ideal introduction to flying Radio Controlled Areoplanes. Easy and fun to fly, it comes complete with it's twin Electric Motors and R/C equipment already installed, and is ready to fly within minutes of opening the box!

Gadgets UK
Gadgets, boys toys, games, and gifts at great prices
Great Gadget, Hobbies, Radio Controlled gadgets and a lot more!

Holograms & Lasers International
An excellent selection of the world's finest laser pointers and 3D holograms featuring an extensive collection of laser hologram pictures, watches, hologram art, pendants, glasses and exclusive hologram gifts. Select from hundreds of extraordinary holograms and laser pointers from a variety of themes which are perfect for adding a truly fascinating display to your home or office. Items like: NEW Scrolling LED Message Badge, Asteroid Plasma Lamp, Photon Red Home Laser Show, Jesus Laser Holograms and many others.

Remote Control Rat

 Remote Control Rat

You Control the fun and the laughs with this radio controlled rat. This nasty rodent will scare your friends and family with it's fast action and red lighting eyes

Wirefree camera system
Superb wirefree monochrome camera and receiver. Create an instant camera monitoring system that connects to your main television. The camera is suitable for all types of monitoring applications and is suitable for exterior use

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