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Bleeding from the rectum, blood in faeces, pain

Symptoms of Bleeding from the rectum, blood in faeces, pain could be due to:

Cirrhosis of the Liver

Symptoms and indications: There are various symptoms, which include loss of appetite and weight, digestive upset, weariness, enlargement of liver, Anaemia, dark urine, Jaundice, haemorrhage and blood in the stools. Also, bruising, fine, red spidery veins in the skin, fluid retention, bloating (oedema) and red hands. In addition, the spleen enlarges and there may be baldness and breast enlargement in men. Eventually, there may be collapse, coma and death from liver failure. A person with any symptoms of liver disease should seek medical advice.

Treatment: The progress of the disease can be halted if the cause is known, although nothing can be done to repair the damage to the liver that has already taken place. Excess consumption of alcohol is the most common cause of cirrhosis of the liver. Therefore, if this is the cause, no more alcohol should be consumed. The affected person should eat a diet that is high in protein and carbohydrates but low in fat and salt. Iron, vitamins, (B and K) and mineral supplements may also be necessary. A person should be able to lead a normal life as long as the progress of the disease is halted.

Persons most commonly affected: Adults of both sexes and all age groups, but more common in men.


Symptoms and indications: Infrequent opening of the bowels and the faeces passed are hard, dry, very dark and small. There may be bleeding, straining and pain, swelling of the abdomen due to retained faeces and a feeling of bloatedness. A person who suffers with persistent constipation should seek medical advice as this may be a symptom of an underlying condition.

Treatment: Involves making changes to your lifestyle, including eating more roughage such as fruit, raw vegetables, wholemeal bread and bran, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and taking more exercise. Laxatives and enemas may also be needed to relieve the condition.

Persons most commonly affected: All age groups and both sexes.

Haemorrhoids (or Piles)

Symptoms and indications: Symptoms include bleeding, pain and itching, and the distended vein, may be felt as a lump. Bleeding is generally slight but can occasionally be more persistent and cause anaemia. A person with haemorrhoids should seek medical advice.

Treatment: Creams, injections and suppositories. Taking regular exercise and watching your diet. It is important to a healthy diet containing plenty of fibre and to drink water to avoid constipation. In severe cases it may be necessary to have the haemorrhoids surgically removed.

Persons most commonly affected: Adults in middle and older age of both sexes.


Stomach Ulcer (gastric and Peptic Ulcer)

Symptoms and indications: Symptoms may be quite vague or more definite and vary in their severity. They include pain felt either at the front or in the back, which may be more severe before a meal. Also, there may be nausea and a feeling of bloatedness after meals. Sometimes, instead of pain there is discomfort felt as a feeling of emptiness or hunger or of an aching nature. A person with symptoms of gastric unlcer should seek medical advice.

Treatment: Diagnostic techniques include endoscopy, analysis of gastric secretions and X-ray studies using barium. Treatment is by means of a number of different drugs including antacids, carbenoxolone and histamine and others. Most gastric ulcers respond fairly well to treatment, although there is a tendency for healing and relapse to occur. A person should eat a light diet and irritant foods or drinks should be avoided. These include spicy foods containing pepper, fatty foods, coffee and alcohol. The person should avoid smoking and stress.

Persons most commonly affected: Adults of both sexes in middle or older age, especially men.

Other problems that could cause Symptoms of Bleeding from the rectum, blood in faeces, pain can include: Anal fissure, colitis, dysentery, gastric erosion, hepatoma, Polyarteritis nodosa, rectal adscess, rectal tumour, small intestine tumour, stomach cancer, thrombocytopaenia and others.




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