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Symptoms of Ear problems, pain, discharge, ringing in ears, deafness, vertigo

Symptoms of Ear problems, pain, discharge, ringing in ears, deafness and vertigo could be due to:


Symptoms and indications: Gradual or sudden loss of hearing. In congenital deafness, this may be noticed as lack of response to sounds, or when the child is older, poor or absent speech.

Treatment: For congenital deafness, early testing of the hearing is important. A hearing aid may be fitted, and special training for parent and child for hearing and speech may be used. Conductive deafness may be treated by an operation, or fitting a hearing aid. Nerve deafness may be helped by use of a hearing aid.

Persons most commonly affected: Congenital deafness: from birth and both sexes. Conductive deafness: any age and both sexes. Nerve deafness: any age, but increasingly common in people over 50. Both sexes.


Symptoms and indications: Severe dizziness and nystagmus (involuntary, quick movements of the eyes from side to side, up and down or circular). Also, loss of hearing, nausea, vomiting, falling and complete loss of balance. This is a serious condition and the person requires immediate medical attention.

Treatment: Depends on cause, but may involve surgery for drainage of fluid from the labyrinth or removal of infected bone cells from the mastoid process (a part of the temporal bone), which is called mastoidectomy. Intensive therapy with antibiotics or antiviral drugs may be required, possibly given intravenously. With prompt treatment, recovery of hearing and from symptoms is usually good but complications can arise. The person should rest in bed until all symptoms have disappeared.

Persons most commonly affected: Adults of all age groups and both sexes.

Ménière's Disease

Symptoms and indications: This usually begins with some hearing loss in one ear, followed after a period of months by a severe attack of giddiness or vertigo. This occurs suddenly, often waking the person up from sleep at night, and is accompanied by ringing in the ear (tinnitus). This is usually followed by vomiting and sweating. The symptoms usually subside in a few hours but the person is unsteady with loss of balance for some days afterwards. Another attack may follow in about one week or after some months. With each attack, the loss of hearing becomes worse until the person is completly deaf in the affected ear. A person with symptoms of Ménière's Disease should seek medical advice.

Treatment: Involves a variety of different drugs to control symptoms and also, possibly, surgery. An affected person should rest in bed until symptoms have subsided. Diuretic drugs to prevent fluid accumulation may be prescribed. No method of treatment is completly successful but some symptoms can be relieved.

Persons most commonly affected: Both sexes in middle age but slightly more common in men.


Symptoms and indications: There may be sudden deafness following acute Ottis Media or injury. Sometimes, there may be sudden relief of the pain of ottis media. There may be a discharge from the ear, and sometimes sufferers complain of tinnitus.

Treatment: A doctor will usually clean the middle ear and prescribe a course of antibiotics. The ear should be protected while showering. In children, a ruptured eardrum usually heals within two weeks. In adults, this may take a little longer.

Persons most commonly affected: All ages and both sexes.


Other problems that could cause Symptoms of severe or sudden abdominal pain could be: Otitis externa, Otitis media, Otosclerosis and others.




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