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The Poison Plum

The Poison PlumThe Poison Plum's riveting plot explores these questions;

*Why was the first outbreak of Lyme Disease within ten miles of the Plum Island laboratory?
*Was the birthplace of Lyme Disease the animal disease research center on Plum Island?
*Was the founding father of the Plum Island lab a former Nazi germ warfare scientist?
*Are germs being genetically engineered in government laboratories to be used as biological warfare agents?
*Have germ cocktails been deliberately released on unsuspecting Americans to test their efficacy and virulence?
*Why was the first outbreak of West Nile Encephalitis in the western hemisphere within thirty miles of Plum Island?
*Does a massive government cover-up exist to deny the true severity of the Lyme epidemic?
*Did the government’s syphilis experiments in Tuskegee provide the necessary spirochetal research for the development of the Lyme germ?
*Are insurance companies denying the seriousness and complexity of Lyme Disease to avoid the required and costly long term treatment protocols?
*Does a conspiracy exist within certain fields of medicine to relegate Lyme Disease to the category of: “It’s not a problem; it’s easy to diagnose and it’s easy to treat with a few simple antibiotics.”?
*Are some suspected cases of Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and early Alzheimer’s really examples of undiagnosed Lyme Disease? Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome?
*How many hundreds of thousands of Americans have already been infected with the Lyme germ and how significant is the risk you and your family members face as America begins to reel from an unannounced and unrecognized epidemic?

6 × 9 Hardcover with full color dust jacket. 482 pages

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The Middle Fork

The Middle ForkExcerpt, Pp. 74-75
The confusion on the water gave way to chaos, and as I floated in the calm water above the rapid, the action seemed to slow while my field of vision widened. I could see the three boats bobbing in and out of sight while the current surged alongside them, and I could feel the panic as Simon collapsed into the crevice, dropped his paddle while his boat was thrust into the swirling do-not-go-into eddy, and he turned a full cir¬cle, and then a half circle, and Derek was able to grab the pad¬dle, and he fought the current and got close enough to shovel the paddle to Simon, who did another half turn and floated by Derek while the current took him straight for the white water plume, and when he hit it he was backward, and the thrust doubled the boat over and Simon was thrown into the fizzling liquid and disappeared.




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