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Secret NASA footage reveals huge UFO activity in Space - Many UFO followers will have been fascinated by a video currently on display via Google, which reveals unusual objects caught on video. Not just one or two, but hundreds, in all shapes and sizes.

Extraterrestrials may have taught humans - An anomaly exists regarding the appearance of modern man and evolution. Cro-Magnon was on earth for over 50,000 years, yet he never progressed past stone tools and the bow and arrow. Why? Because no one taught him writing, math, science, farming and astronomy. Then 7,000 to 10,000 years ago, men from other galaxies or solar systems began educating humans. Clay tablets from the United Kingdom and Babylon stated that people from the stars descended and taught the people.

Alien in the Attic - See the photo and decide for yourself - Curiously, the alien was discovered stored in an old toffee jar wrapped in a copy of the Daily Mirror dating from October 1947. In July of that year, officials at the American air base of Roswell reported and then denied finding the remains of a flying saucer. The Roswell incident sparked a popular fascination with UFOs and led the US air force to collect data on sightings. One theory is that the alien was left in the loft by a US serviceman working at a nearby US air base.

Saskatchewan sees a record year for UFO sightings - Although sightings began slowly, things picked up during the summer and peaked around August, which helped to create the record.

More evidence to support solar activity and Global Warming - Following a recent claim that 2005 may have been the hottest year on record, there are still quite a few people clinging to the belief that Global Warming is nothing to worry about, with scientists splitting hairs about whether last year was actually hotter than 1998.

UFO Photographed over Kaufman, Texas - I was taking photos of this small plane because it was travelling fairly fast and I couldn't make it out too good through the viewfinder and thought it may not be a plane. I took about five photos of it and this object was in just one of them. If it was another plane or bird, it should have been in two or three of them at least, but it wasn't.

NASA official changes job to look for ET's - G. Scott Hubbard, who has led a NASA research center since 2002 and investigated the space shuttle Columbia tragedy, is stepping down to accept a position with an organization that studies the possibility of life beyond Earth, he said Monday

Around 100 UFOs seen over Kingsbury, London UK - Later in the afternoon I came outside back into the garden where I had seen the other objects, while talking to a colleague I noticed a few objects appearing, then as I scanned the sky more and more just seemed to appear from no where. The more I looked the more I saw, I ran back into the house grabbed the camera and started filming, by this time as I had used the camera for a quite sometime the battery was on its last legs. But I managed to film these objects which totaled around 100.

NASA blame hottest year on recod (2005) on Greenhouse gases - James Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies has said that he is "reasonably confident" that 2005 was the hottest year on our planet since records began.

Dreams - A Key to our future - Dreams of UFOs are not as regular as one might imagine, but a recent dream by "DWSLS" of several UFOs and the image seen underneath the craft may be yet another sign of a major event that could appear in March of this year

Video clip of unknown object exploding in the sky - I decided to zoom back a bit and include the larger object along with the other upwardly moving object. Within about one minute of my doing so, the larger object explodes (or possibly implodes) and tumbles back to the earth with a shower of debris and smoke. I followed the tumbling pieces for another minute or so until I was not able see any more of it.

Strange Golden lights follow couple in truck - While surveying the skies around, he happened to notice a couple of peculiar stars behind him. Slowing down, he continued to look out the window behind him. The stars grew in size, came down from the sky to a much lower altitude and were following the truck.

What you gonna do when "they" come for you? - Many religious people believe that when the "End of Times" eventually comes (as predicted in the Bible), the good will be saved. But what if the rescue is not arranged by "God" and carried out by "Angels"?

UFO-Connection - Check out UFO reports in Canada and the rest of the world. Videos, Predictions, Meteor Showers for 2006 and a lot more. Recent and old UFO sightings going back to 1930 and earlier.

UFO Causes Commotion in San Jose - A UFO sighting galvanized the attention of hundreds of onlookers at noon yesterday, causing commotion in the city's downtown area. It was a point of light that stood out in the blue skies and moved very slowly. Word spread very quickly that there was a strange object in the sky and corners becamed filled, in a matter of minutes, with people straining to see the mysterious point of light that no one could readily identify. The fact is that it unleashed the curiosity of the passers-by and there was even a measure of fear, as there were those said this portent represented the end of the world.

ET civilizations are preparing for a spectacular event in 2012 - Jan. 1, 2006-Rumors are rampant in all over the world that extraterrestrial civilizations are preparing for a spectacular event in 2012. No one knows what Mayans really meant by the coming cataclysmic event of 2012. But now many think tanks are predicting that the earth will be in severe danger in 2012 and beyond. And at the right moment in 2012 or beyond, the extraterrestrial advanced civilizations will eventually come to rescue the human civilization.

Countdown to Global Destruction - Is it time for the jokes to stop? - Predictions of Global Destruction have long been the target of comedians and the public alike, dismissing the possibility as just some wild fantasy created in the mind of some crackpot who has managed to avoid the "protection" of a lunatic asylum. Whilst the timing of the predictions may not always be accurate, the event itself certainly is!

Chemtrails - The latest news on the Chemtrail story - We read with interest a recent article published on entitled "Chemtrails - Predictions", which explains some of the possible reasons for their existence and offers an unusual explanation by the author. Sadly, this is yet another story that misses the point.

UFO Filmed Near Jet over Texas - I had my camera on full zoom (12x) when I took this photo of the jet. The saucer appears to me to have a orb/spheroid beneath it also. The jet was in the western sky here in Kaufman and it was a clear day even though more jets were trying their best to make some clouds

Slow moving white lights in Baqubah sky, Iraq - I looked into the sky and saw this light. It was low in the sky, just south of our location, moving very slowly from west to east. The other guys saw it also. We watched as it dimmed and then got brighter, just like as if someone was searching with a flashlight, occasionally pointing at us.

Predictions for 2006 - Predictions have been with us for centuries, some have been accurate, but it is fair to say that the majority have fallen well short of the mark. A site called UFO-Connection have created a special area to explore some of the predictions for 2006 and beyond.

Will this be our last New Year celebration on this planet? - As the New Year approaches, most of us will be giving some thought to what will be. However, these thoughts are likely to concentrate on health and work issues. But could an event in March 2006 decide the future for all of us?

Galactic Superwave interview with Dr. Paul LaViolette on Coast to Coast - Dr. Paul LaViolette, who believes there is evidence for a cycle of galactic superwaves that emanate from the center of galaxy and wreak cataclysmic earth changes when they arrive here, appeared on Coast to Coast with George Noory yesterday.




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