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The "X-Files" helped to create an added interest in UFOs and the Paranormal, and reminders of this very successful series can be seen all over the internet with the words "The truth is out there".

Profindsearch has been a long time supporter (and believer) of UFOs and we often write about sightings. It is our hope to provide a wide selection of "UFO, Alien and Space" designs on a range of different products like: T-Shirts, Mugs, Hats, Mousepads, Calendars, Greeting Cards and much more.

Alien Grey T-Shirt. Click Here for further detailsSome of the designs will of course be humorous, but these are not intended to make fun of believers. For many years we have had to face tremendous criticism from those who do not share our belief, but that is no reason to give the impression that we have no sense of humor, or sit at home all day long wearing tin foil hats! We know the "truth" is out there, so we are certain to get the last laugh.

Alien Grey Mug. Click Here for further detailsNaturally, we will be trying to promote the more serious aspects of UFO sightings as well, in the hope of bringing this subject to a much wider audience. Sadly, the mainstream media have failed to give UFO reports the publicity they deserve, even though a huge percentage of their viewers/readers want to hear more about them. This may be part of the "cover-up", or simply a lack of understanding of the needs of their customers. Either way, this is something that must change and we will continue to do our very best to make this happen with news articles, and promotional material.

We will be adding new designs as often as possible, so please check this page frequently to see the latest additions (in the column on the right).

Alien Grey Greeting Card. Click Here for further details Alien Grey Mousepad. Click Here for further details Alien Grey Journal. Click Here for further details

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