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HI! and thanks for checking out this link.

There are a number of ways to get money.....a 9 to 5 job......shift work.....commission only work.....self employment....and stealing it!...... I would certainly NOT recommend the last option, but let’s look at the others.

A 9 to 5 job.....Probably not the sort of work you would choose (if you had a choice). It can be boring, low paid and offer limited prospects.

Shift work .....This may pay a little better, but at the end of the day the prospects are much the same.

Commission only work .....Always sounds attractive and companies make it seem so easy to earn a huge income. But in reality, the only thing people actually receive is a lot of doors slammed in their face, or angry people demanding to know why you are calling them and how you got their number!

Self employment .....This can be good, but you need an interesting product or service and usually some cash to get the business started.

Before explaining more about the Business Venture I am offering, let’s explore the reason we want to do business. Is it because we get some pleasure from seeing other people enjoying our product or service, or are we doing it for the money?

There is perhaps a small minority of people (very small), who offer something purely for the pleasure it provides. Others may do it for pleasure and profit. But let’s be honest, the majority of normal people do it just to make money.

The Business I am offering is about money and the pleasure you and your “customers” can get in making this money. No “fancy sales talk” is required.....No promises of untold riches.....No tricks.....and if you will pardon my language.....No bullshit!

Like most things in life, there are never any guarantees. BUT, if you can achieve a certain target, which I will explain shortly, I promise you will make a minimum of £87,380.

The business uses a method that has been around for many years and whilst it is an extremely good way of promoting a product and making money, it also has a VERY bad reputation. This reputation has been achieved for a number of reasons. The business method is frequently mistaken for another version (that is illegal). It often tries to fool people into believing they will become incredibly rich, it attracts people who spend more time dreaming about getting rich, than concentrating on the simple task involved in making it work and finally, the people (or companies) offering these schemes prefer to target gullible people, when in reality it is people with common sense that they really need to obtain success.

You probably already have a good idea of the business scheme I am referring to, but before you make some premature judgement or stop reading, bear with me just a little longer, I guarantee you will think differently when you have read everything I have to say.

I don’t know whether you like to play the lottery, or have the occasional bet at the bookies, but I am certain you know a few people that do. Having worked in the gambling business for more than 20 years, I know for a certainty that 99.9% of the players will lose more than they win.Sure, you could win the jackpot on the lottery one day, but when you consider how many people are taking part (millions), the odds are stacked pretty heavily against you.Maybe you would be happy to win £50,000? But the chances of that happening are equally small.

Let’s face it, the possibility of winning a substantial amount of money, or making it in some job over the next few months, is slim, to put it mildly. BUT WAIT A MINUTE! Let me present you with a hypothetical question. What if someone came up to you and said they would like you to try a different kind of gamble, and instead of buying some lottery tickets or having a gamble for a week or two, you were to spend that money on something else?

All you needed to do was to find 4 people (minimum) willing to risk a onetime only investment of £10 and for them to find 4 more people each (who would also pay £10). If you are sure the people you find are serious about this investment, you can then relax and wait to see how much money you are going to make.

At this point you are probably going to say “that sounds like a pyramid scheme”..... Wrong! A pyramid scheme produces commission from a membership fee, which is illegal. A Multi-Level-Marketing scheme produces commission from a product, which IS legal.The product we are using is a book, which sells for £10. Whilst the product is not that important, except to make the scheme legal, I have to say this book is rather good. Of course, I would say that.....because I wrote the book!

So, no matter what happens, the person paying £10 will at least get something for their money. But I’m sure you are more interested in the financial possibilities, so let’s look at those more closely.

If you are one of the people I have invited to take part to help promote this scheme, you pay absolutely nothing at all. And you also get a copy of the book for free (if you join). However, the people you invite WOULD have to buy the book in order to qualify for any commission.

For every book purchased by a person in your down line, you will receive £1. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound very much, but it gets better. If you have introduced 4 people in your first level (who purchase a book), you make a total of £4. If those 4 people introduce 4 more people (each), who also purchase the book, you make a further £16 on your second level (£20 in total). Should this action be repeated again (exactly) on your third level, you make another £64 (£84 in total).

The deeper your levels go, the more money you make. If you are successful in completing all 8 levels (with everyone producing 4 sales each for example), you will make a total of £87,380. Of course, if everyone produces more, this figure will increase still further.

Some of the people you approach will probably tell you that those in the lower levels have no chance of making big money, because eventually you run out of people to join. I won’t lie to you, mathematically, this is correct. But, this scheme is available to everyone and in every country, so there are at least 2 billion people available who could join. AND, those that have already taken part, can join again if they wish. But, as I mentioned earlier, even if a person introduces no one at all, at least they get an interesting book for their investment.

So.....How does it all work?

Firstly, I would like you to join the scheme using my special link (CLICK HERE). Once you have joined you will be able to login to a special area, where you can see how many people are in your down line, the commission you are earning and the html code to use for banners (if you have a web site). If you are introducing others, it is VERY IMPORTANT that they use the special link in your login area. It will look like mine, but have your name at the end. If anyone joins (or makes a purchase) using your link, you will get the credit. This system works all the way down, automatically!

Your login area also allows you to email people in your down line, so that you can offer them words of encouragement like “Well done, just one more to go!” or “Do you need any help?” for example.

New members can pay by PayPal or debit/credit cards (also through PayPal). We would prefer to pay commissions to members who have a PayPal account, but this is not always possible in some countries, in which case we can make alternative arrangements if necessary.

Tax payments are your responsibility. We pay the full amount, but it is up to you to declare these payments to the authorities in your country of residence.

Remember, this scheme is a serious attempt to make money and should be treated as such. Do not be tempted into trying to con anyone into joining. Yes, they can make money, but only if they make some effort. You are not looking for people who will just pay £10 and then do nothing, the people you introduce need to introduce others.

So, that’s’s quite a simple task really. You may try approaching members of your family and friends first, or work colleagues (if you have some). Whilst you may not make enough money from this scheme to retire, it can certainly make a big difference to your life. Can you think of a more realistic way of making money than this?

As it will cost YOU nothing to join, what do you have to lose? I hope to hear from you very soon. Good Luck!


Ian Brockwell
Director of

NB: People clicking on your special link will automatically be sent to the following page: which is designed to help you recruit new members, but our special software will know that the visitor was introduced by you.




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