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Bill Oddies Niger Seed 1kg from MedicAnimal Ltd

£4.60 Category: Pets

Bill Oddies Niger Seed oil-rich niger seed packed with tonic releasing properties. Irresistible to finches and tits-particularly goldfinches.

Seresto Flea & Tick Collar Dog... from Bestpet

£15.90 Category: Pets

The Seresto Collar is for the treatment and prevention of flea (Ctenocephalides felis) infestation for 7 to 8 months. Efficacy against fleas starts immediately after application of the colla...

Otomax Ear Drops 14ml from Bestpet

£7.79 Category: Pets

Otomax Otic Ointment is indicated for the treatment of canine acute and chronic otitis externa associated with yeast (Malassezia pachydermatis) and/or bacteria susceptible to gentamicin. Key...

Specific Canine CXW Adult 6 x 300g from Bestpet

£7.45 Category: Pets

SPECIFIC Canine Adult All Breeds CXW is a complete balanced diet with a moderate level of energy meets the requirements of adult dogs and helps them maintain their ideal body weight. High quality and highly digestible ingredients ensure a maximum uptake of nutrients from the diet whilst reducing...

Canaural Ear Drops 25ml from Bestpet

£15.20 Category: Pets

Various sizes - View product for choices Canaural Ear Drops are effective against the micro-organisms commonly associated with otitis externa including the ear mite Otodectes cynotis and ...

Linco-Spectin 100 Soluble Powder 150g from Bestpet

£84.90 Category: Pets

For the treatment of enteritis caused by Lawsonia intracellularis (ileitis) in pigs and antibacterial or antimycoplasmal therapy against sensitive organisms in poultry.

Pedigree Jumbone Bites 100g from Bestpet

£0.99 Category: Pets

Pedigree Jumbone Bites are a complementary pet food for adult dogs. A scrumptious way to treat your dog with the great taste of Pedigree Jumbone. With all the meaty goodness of Jumbone in de...

Bottle Skip 218ltr Black from

£74.99 Category: Kitchen Units