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Universal Memory Card Case Hama from Westfalia Mail Order

£5.99 Category: SD Card

* Stores up to 4 digital-memory cards, for example SD, MMC, XD, CF, SM, memory stick (TM), PC-cards * In-drawer for compact flash (TM) adapters * Straps for storing 4 AA-batteries, * Loops for PDA pens Size: 16.8 x 12 x 3 cm. Ideally for camera and PDA specialists. Can be used on trips and in the...

Mini USB Stick Data Traveler, various... from Westfalia Mail Order

£19.99 Category: Memory Stick

Compact and sturdy USB stick made of ultra-light aircraft aluminium from the memory saving specialists Kingston. * Ideal for your key fob. * No contact areas lying around * Large hole for attaching to key fob * Narrow, doesn’t block a 2.0 USB slot * 5 year guarantee The small size of this...

Mains Adaptor from Westfalia Mail Order

£24.99 Category: Power Supplies

Makes it easy to connect 12V appliances (e.g. cooler boxes) to 230V AC powersupply. Ideal for use when travelling, in the home, in hotels, on camping sites or in the office.

44 Piece Professional Network... from Westfalia Mail Order

£19.99 Category: Computer Components

Contents: * 1 x universal crimping tool for module connectors (6P&8P) with cable cutter * 1 x universal cable stripper * 1 x coax stripping tool (RG58 & RG59) * 1 x cable attaching tool * 20 x modular connectors * 6P and 20 x 8P, with gold-plated contacts * Supplied clearly arranged in a...

Poultry Roaster 42 cm with Lid from Westfalia Mail Order

£19.99 Category: Pen Drives

A good, oval poultry roaster, enamelled inside and out in blue with a lid. Your roasted bird is certain to be a success. The blue enamel is glass-hard, flavour-neutral and actively roasts: quick searing is no problem. Abrasion-resistant and non-scratch, hygienic, nickel-free, therefore also...

Film Slide Scanner with Display Wetekom from Westfalia Mail Order

£49.99 Category: Scanners

Film and Slide Scanner with display screen and SD Card Reader Scanning without using the PC The new Display Scanner III has a 2.4 inch LC display on which you can look at the pictures straight away. It also has an internal memory of 32 MB, an integrated SD card slot and a TV-Out and USB...

Tape Express Converter Ion from Westfalia Mail Order

£29.99 Category: Computers

Handy USB tape player in Walkman design for converting music and audio cassettes via USB cable to your computer. You can now save your favourite music on a CD or MP3 player and be able to listen to it there. * Relive old memories * Your favourite music cassettes * Radio recordings * Or your...

Precision Micro Bit Set, 11 Piece for... from Westfalia Mail Order

£7.99 Category: Computer Components

This 11 piece micro screwdriver bit set is ideal for working on small items like mobiles, cameras, remote controls, computers etc. Thanks to the 9 special bits, the bit extension and the fast changing handle, the practical transport box, you will always have everything you need quickly to hand....

Waterproof Memory Card Storage Case Hama from Westfalia Mail Order

£12.99 Category: SD Card

Technical details: * Compact robust case for storing different memory cards (eg SD, micro SD, memory sticks Pro Duo (TM), M2 etc) * Case will protect your memory media from spray water and is waterproof up to 1m * Writing pad can be wiped clean and can be written on many times with a pen *...

Spaceloop XL memory stick in high... from Westfalia Mail Order

£29.99 Category: Memory Stick

The safe USB stick, perfect mobile data carrier when studying, at work or at school. For example memory capacity 2,048 MB = 2 GB is the same as approx 3200 pictures. USB sticks made of aluminium. High quality metal casing! * LED function display * Hook for attaching carrying bands * Protective...

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