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Fantasy Dream Hypnosis Download - Choose the dream you want!As we know already, dreams can be incredibly realistic and enable us to do things that would be impossible in real life. Many dream of flying or having super powers, others have romantic encounters, some become involved in a sexual scenario that can seem so realistic, it often produces physical results as well!

Our Dream Hypnosis Download is specially designed to allow you to decide what dream you want and help you to make that dream come true.

No matter what fantasy you wish to live out in your dream, our download is there to help you. And best of all, no one but you will know what that fantasy is.

How does it work? Normally, hypnosis is about helping a subject to achieve a specific goal. This could be to give up smoking, lose weight, overcome a fear or phobia or simply relax.

Our hypnosis download also seeks to achieve the same (in enabling you to have a dream), but you get to actually choose the subject you want to dream about.

Everyone has a different idea about what they consider to be the ideal dream. This could be travelling through space and meeting aliens from another planet, going back or forward in time, having a romantic affair with a famous pop or film star, living out some sexual fantasy, or something else. Whatever your desire, our download can help you to achieve this.

How accurate your dream will be depends very much on the detail you think of when listening to the download. The result would be limited to the knowledge your sub-conscious has of that subject. Before listening to the download, prepare yourself by giving some thought to the dream you want, the people you would like to see in it, and the location (in a room, outside, in space etc.)

If you try to think of things or people that you know, this will produce much better results, as your sub-conscious will be able to use the information stored in your memory to much greater effect. However, as we know from our own experience of regular dreams, we often become involved in situations that seem to contain people we have never met before and involve actions that areChoose the dreams you want! completely new to us. This means that our dream request can have a "random effect" included in the result, providing an element of surprise and excitement.

To order your download, click on the "Buy Now" button below. Once your payment has been verified, you will be redirected to a page where you will receive instructions on how to obtain your copy of the Fantasy Dream Hypnosis Download. If for any reason you are not redirected to the download page, do not worry, we will also send you an email confirming your purchase and the link required to obtain the download (usually within minutes, but no longer than 12 hours).

Once you have received the download information, "right click" on the link given and save it on your computer (whatever location you choose) and you can use it as many times as you wish. The download is in MP3 format and therefore compatible with most players.

If you have any questions about an order you have made, or require more information about the Dream Hypnosis Download, please send us an email at: Hypnosis Question placing the words "hypnosis question" in the subject area of the email.

We hope that our download will help to provide a new level of excitement to your dreams and enable you to escape the real world (at least for a few hours). This download would also be a great (and unusual) gift for your friends and family, and ideal for Christmas, Birthdays and other special occasions.

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"After listening to the download everyday for almost a week, I was beginning to think it would never work. But then I had the most amazing dream which was almost exactly the way I wanted it..." P. Cole, Sheffield.

"..I'm still waiting to get my special dream, may be I'm doing something wrong? I don't mind to much because I'm getting the best sleep ever..." Jack, Devon

"I never realized hypnosis could do this, it was like going to the theater...I had doubts when I ordered the download, but no more" Kayla. T, Long Beach

"WOW! How do you do that?" Chris, London

"...sooo much better than watching some old sex flick...was it really a dream?" Anon, Kent hosted by - A reliable service with a wide selection of payment options.