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T-Shirts, Mugs, Hats and other merchandise, have long been a traditional method of expressing our feelings on a variety of subjects. Quite often the message we choose to promote is political, offering our support for a certain party or politician, but it can frequently be used to show our dislike as well.

Of course, many humorous T-Shirts have no real message at all and are simply designed for fun, in the hope that it will bring a smile to the person viewing it (and to the wearer). The items we have on offer are mainly topical in nature, this means that a large percentage will have a political flavor, as this is the subject that attracts the most attention in the news. However, we will endeavor to include the widest choice possible and these will be updated on a regular basis, so please visit often.


George "Chimp" Bush T-Shirt. Click Here for more details George "Chimp" Bush Mug. Click Here for more detailsWe are sure you have noticed that some people on the internet have suggested a likeness between George Bush and a Chimp.

Many may feel that this is not a nice comparison to make, and we tend to agree. Personally, we can not see any likeness of George Bush in the Chimp you can find on our T-Shirts and Mugs!

As the Chimp says "Bloody Cheek! I don't look anything like George Bush!"

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Click Here for more details on the Al Gore "Bears" T-Shirt Click Here for more details on the Al Gore "Bears" Mug

Al Gore has been in the news a lot lately, following his film "An inconvenient truth", and whilst not everyone may agree with his ideas, he has helped to bring the subject of Global Warming (or Climate Change) more into the spotlight.

His views on Polar Bears and letting the markets help with Global Warming inspired us to produce the products seen on the right.

The Polar Bears in the image are having the following conversation: First Bear: "I spoke to Al Gore last week" Second Bear: "Will he help us?" First Bear: "I'm not sure, he kept talking about letting the markets decide?"

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George Bush is famous for making mistakes in his speeches and who can forget his attempt at trying to say "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". There is a strong belief that he may have fooled America (and the world) over the attack on the WTC (9/11) and some worry that a "new" 9/11 may be on the way. What better way to express our concern than to wear a T-Shirt as a reminder of this possibility?

Fool you once T-Shirt Fool you once Trucker Hat Fool you once Mug

We have taken the liberty of altering the wording slighty, so that the quote appears to be a message from President Bush "Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you twice, shame on you!" For more "Fool you.." items, CLICK HERE


"Armageddon" Mousepad"Armageddon"  CalendarCould we be facing World War Three shortly? If the rumors are true about the plans of George Bush and Dick Cheney, "Armageddon" could be just around the corner.

Such an event is not a nice thing to contemplate, but shouldn't we at least remind ourselves of the possibility? By keeping such thoughts in our mind, maybe we can be on our guard and prevent it ever happening!



"Armageddon" Mug "Armageddon" Tote Bag "Armageddon" T-Shirt



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