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Sunday, February 14, 2027: I am not completely sure why I am writing this report, or who will ever read it, but I feel compelled to do so in the hope that it may have some future value. I suspect that many others before me have undertaken such a task, only to have their efforts lost over a period of time, or destroyed in the very event they chose to write about.

My name is Richard, the only son of Michael Westgate. Unfortunately, my father died when I was just 15 years old (at the age of 58) and I never really had a chance to get to know him as well as I would have liked. According to my mother, he also had a daughter from his second marriage (he was married three times), and if she has survived the events of the last few years, she would be around 33 years of age by now. I have tried to trace my half sister many times, but have accepted that this may be an impossible task now.

Sadly, my father suffered from Diabetes and the last two years of his life were especially difficult, as he was forced to accept the ever growing limitations the disease brought to his lifestyle. He was a proud man who was uncomfortable with the idea of being dependent on others and had always lived his life to the full. He was perhaps obsessed with the idea of staying young and this may account for his interest in younger women. My mother was 24 years younger than my father when they met, and his last wife 20 years his junior. It would seem that his last marriage left many scars and this may account for the reason why he never married again.

Unfortunately, because of his work and my studies (I was educated in a special school 300 miles from where my parents lived), there were many times when we didn't see each other for almost a year, but I was able to read some of the work that he recorded on computer discs, and this gave me a much better insight into how my father thought.

It was perhaps easy to see why some people saw my father as something of a dreamer, as his views were a little too futuristic for his time. I like to think of him as a man of vision, a man who saw our future and had the courage to share his thoughts with others. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, his words went unheard. Maybe, it is more for my father that I write this report, in the hope he will finally receive the recognition he so richly deserves.

My report begins in the past, and is almost entirely based on information I have retrieved from articles my father wrote back in 2004-2005. Following his death, I continued to make notes of events that affected me personally, or I considered of importance globally.

It would seem that our current problem became most noticeable around the year 1987, when space probes recorded increased temperatures on almost all of the planets in our solar system, indicating for the first time that the "global warming" we were experiencing, was not just the result of man-made pollution, or some climatic trend, but something much more sinister and serious.

Pluto was just one example. As the planet passed in front of a distant star in July 2002, it was possible to compare data with a previous event in 1988. Observers discovered that the planet's thin atmosphere had cooled over the 14 year period (which is what you would expect as it moves further from the Sun), but they noticed that the surface was actually getting warmer.

The Sun showed a higher degree of activity in the last fifty years than it had in more than one thousand years previously. Venus became much brighter, with dramatic atmospheric changes in a period of less than thirty years. The ice caps on Mars began to disappear and huge storms developed. The plasma clouds of Jupiter, the largest planet in our system, showed an increase in brightness, as did Uranus and Neptune. Saturn too revealed dramatic changes and these occurred over a very short time

Clearly, some of the governments (mainly the US government), came to accept that "outside" forces were indeed responsible for the ever increasing temperatures, but never made this public knowledge. It is perhaps understandable that this was kept a secret, as knowing the truth could have only made the matter worse. However, with hindsight, this information should have been shared with a much wider number of people and maybe we would have been better prepared today.

The internet, during my father's time, was at its peak and information flowed freely around the world. It was not surprising of course, that with so little "official" information available, many of the stories written were wildly off the mark and labeled "conspiracy theories". However, a small number, whether by accident or design, managed to touch on the truth, but these were kept from the public eye as much as possible and ridiculed frequently, to reduce any credibility they may have attracted.

One such story referred to something called "Chemtrails", an early attempt to protect us from the harmful and invisible cosmic rays that were beating down on our planet. These started appearing shortly after the space probes discovered the increased temperatures in our solar system, and were quite quickly noticed by some members of the public afterwards. People became curious when they saw planes apparently "cloud seeding" and watched as beautiful blue skies vanished within a matter of hours. The white trails left by the planes didn't disappear as people expected, unlike the trails usually left by normal jets, and they expanded to eventually cover the entire sky. Planes were seen making criss-cross lines across the skies all day long, stopping just long enough to refuel, before returning to their task.

Eventually, samples from the trails were obtained and found to contain certain chemicals (hence the name Chemtrails), these chemicals were metallic in nature (aluminium and barium compounds). It was my father who first realized that the Chemtrails were designed to reflect cosmic rays, although the popular belief at the time was that they were attempts to control the weather and may have some military use, a weather weapon of some sort.

In July 2004 we received our first "official" indication that governments were indeed aware of our real problem, when a person in the Federal German Parliament went on record to say that experiments of various kinds were being carried out in the Earth's atmosphere in order to cure the "symptoms" and this was in effect the reason why very little effort was being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world. She was the only "high profile" person to speak out on the subject at the time.

The solar system is full of cosmic microwaves, these have existed from the beginning of time. Most are of such low levels that they are harmless, but we are all aware of how powerful they can be. Imagine the cosmic microwaves in the same way as a household microwave oven. All electromagnetic energy can be characterized as waves with a specific wavelength and frequency distributed over a continuous range known as the electromagnetic spectrum. Microwaves (short waves or high frequency radio waves) are the shortest of radio waves, they are found in the non-ionizing portion of the energy spectrum, between radio waves and visible light. "Non-ionizing" means that microwaves do not detach charged particles and produce atoms and can therefore safely produce heat and not cause food to become radioactive. We also know the effects of placing a metallic substance (like aluminium foil for example) in the oven and switching it on. The sparks seen are the microwaves being reflected off the metal foil. The same principle was applied to Chemtrails, an attempt to reflect some, or all, of the cosmic rays back into space.

This was our first sign of what was to come, our planet effectively being placed in a microwave oven and heated up. As the microwaves became stronger, the more quickly the so called "Global Warming" effect developed, our ice melted faster and the seas started to rise.

Could it be that our planet had entered an area that was like a huge microwave oven? If it had, were these energy waves heating up the planets in our solar system in much the same way food is heated in the oven. One scientist believed that our Solar System was subjected to a high level of cosmic rays every 26,000 years or so, and that this was already overdue. Were we experiencing some preliminary effects of this event? And was there worse to come?

Although news reports of rising sea levels became more frequent by the year 2006, this event had begun much earlier. Scientists estimated that levels had already increased by around 20 inches during the 20th century, but it was the rapid acceleration that really brought the problem to the attention of a much wider audience.

In an attempt to avoid panic, governments persuaded some scientists to issue statements claiming that the increased temperatures and rising sea levels were normal and that this was an event that our planet had witnessed many times before. It was of course true that our planet had been through many climatic changes in its history and this was one of those warmer periods. However, records showed that the warm period we were going through should have ended many years earlier, and the temperatures we were seeing were much higher than usual.

For many years, governments had managed to keep a lid on the problem by either remaining silent, or allowing others to provide less than accurate reports, but this task became increasingly more difficult to maintain as the evidence against their argument grew.

Initially, the US government kept much of the information on "Global Warming" to themselves, but it became apparent that they would be unable to fight this battle alone and slowly invited leaders of other countries to make a contribution. Many people were surprised that the US government did not join the Kyoto Protocol at the time, an idea presented by an organization called the United Nations, designed to reduce man-made pollutants. The US obviously realized that this would have little or no effect on the problem we faced, and could actually add to the problem, by creating economic hardship. So they offered an alternative to the Kyoto Protocol, to give the impression that they were concerned about pollution, but this of course provided no serious solution.

It was a frustrating time for the scientists who attempted to provide the truth about Global Warming and its effects, assuming that governments were not aware of the full extent of the problem. But despite every attempt to keep the real reason for Global Warming a secret, some things simply could not be hidden from public eyes anymore.

One such event was the ever decreasing ice cap that covered Greenland, which had been melting under the increased temperatures. This had begun at a fairly slow (but still worrying) rate, but attracted much more attention when that rate tripled by the end of 2005. There was no question now that things were getting very serious and almost everyone agreed that a complete melting of Greenland's ice cap could raise sea levels by as much as 21 feet. Although, if this happened on a global scale, the figure could reach a staggering 300 feet or more, as it did some millions of years ago.

Naturally, no one expected that this would happen, but is was interesting to note that many initial estimates, claiming that such an event would take thousands of years to happen, were later revised to "hundreds" of years and some much sooner. My father was one of only a few who believed that the sea levels would rise much more rapidly and that the event would happen in approximately 20-25 years (this estimate was found in one of his articles written in 2005).

Although governments had begun to take the cosmic threat more seriously now, it was perhaps inevitable that greed and power would also raise its ugly head. Naturally, they knew what to expect if the land sunk almost 21 feet into the sea, and realized that "energy" would play an important part in any survival plans. Unfortunately, the energy that they sought (oil) was in the wrong hands (from the West's point of view) and it became almost a race to take control of as many oil producing countries as possible. Oil was an essential ingredient for running machinery, machines that provided light, transport and the means to help construct dwellings that would be more suitable in the world to come.

It was sad that even with the planet facing a catastrophe of biblical proportions, leaders of so called civilized countries (like the US, Britain and many European countries) still felt it necessary to maintain control, rather than work together for the good of all. This decision delayed our preparation for the future and almost certainly cost the lives of millions of people as a result.

The Reality

By the beginning of 2008 it became obvious to almost everyone that the sea level was continuing to rise at an ever increasing rate and there seemed to be no way of stopping this. Governments kept on trying to develop some kind of atmospheric shield for the planet, but the task was beyond our capabilities at the time. Dropping aluminium particles in the sky, everyday, and on a worldwide basis, was just impossible and offered no real guarantees. A "Space Ring" was suggested in one journal to shade the tropics and moderate climate extremes, creating an artificial ring of small particles or spacecrafts around Earth. The power of scattering sunlight has been illustrated naturally, the journal quoted. Volcanic eruptions, such as that of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, pumped aerosols into the atmosphere and cooled the global climate by about a degree. Other researchers have suggested such schemes as adding metallic dust to smoke stacks, to flood the atmosphere and reflect more sunlight back into space.
Obviously, some alternative plan was called for and many other ideas were put forward. Some considered building huge walls around cities to protect them from the water, but such a colossal task would take many years to complete and would only protect a relatively small number of people. No one really knew how long the increased sea levels would last and whether such a construction would stand the test of time.

Another suggestion, which seemed practical but not without dangers, was to build underground cities. The construction would be equally difficult, but it would make more use of the land that was lost, rather than trying to squeeze people into specially protected areas on dry land.

Of course, the most popular idea of all was moving people onto higher ground. Whilst this seemed liked a simple solution to the problem, people quickly began to realize that whilst 6.5 billion people might physically fit into such an area, there was no way sufficient food and water could be produced to feed them all. This created a new worry for the public, if sea levels were to rise as predicted and there was no place for everyone, who would have the right to live in the safe regions?

Accepting that this would indeed be a problem and something that should be addressed immediately, rather than later, governments around the world agreed on the introduction of a new birth law. Citizens were encouraged with financial incentives to have fewer children and slogans like "One World, One Child" were used to help make the point. Unfortunately, like many plans connected with birth control, it didn't really produce the desired effect and a stricter option would appear some years later.

It was noticeable that some people had already started considering living on higher ground and sales for land thirty feet above sea level were fetching record prices. Many of the plots of land that were sold were too small for growing sufficient crops, had no means of providing fresh water and were purchased by people who had no idea about self sufficiency. Sales of boats (especially house boats) also increased, but it was uncertain what the new "mariners" expected to gain from this. Perhaps some people believed that an event that had taken more than one hundred years to develop might suddenly disappear after a few months and everything would return to normal.

In the last two years, sea levels had increased by a further two inches and scientists tried desperately to forecast future rates, but without fully understanding the effects of the cosmic rays and no historical data as a reference, it really was an impossible task and predictions varied immensely.

Some scientists still clung onto the hope that the warming was coming to an end and referred to a fall in temperatures recorded in Northwestern Europe. Unfortunately, this was due to the melting of Greenland's glaciers on the eastern coast, pushing fresh water into the sea. This had the effect of blocking off warmer waters that flowed there on the Gulf Stream, a phenomenon that had kept this part of Europe several degrees higher than normally would be expected. This event was expected and predicted by the majority of scientists, but would have no real effect on the overall situation.
However, as a result of the "blocking" effect caused by the fresh water entering the sea from Greenland's melting glaciers, the Gulf Stream was affected by this change. As the warmer waters traveled up to Northwestern Europe, they would normally be cooled before returning to their point of origin. As this cooling process no longer functioned in the same way, sea temperatures in the Gulf rose and this increased the number, and strength, of the hurricanes in that region. Eventually, as the fresh water increased, this process would cease to function completely.

Even if things had been normal, the prospect of a cooler Britain did not worry my father. Although he was born there, he had spent the last sixteen years living in and around Russia (where I was born), and although he never liked the cold weather, he had got used to living in extreme conditions. At that time the winters could see temperatures of minus 30 degrees, and summers with temperatures of more than 30 degrees plus! But even here the changes were being noticed, the winters became less harsh and produced smaller amounts of snow, and the summers became unbearably hot, creating new records almost every year.

The prospect of a global catastrophe didn't worry the average Russian in quite the same way it did their western counterparts, and like any other potential problem, you would hear the standard phrase of "??? ????? ??????" (everything will be OK). These words were more popular than a Coca-Cola slogan and one radio station used to repeat them at least a thousand times a day, they even made a song about it.

Russian's have had their fair share of hardships over the years. Millions died in the Second World War and they had to suffer 70 years of communism. It was perhaps no wonder that many found it necessary to escape these difficult times with the help of a bottle of vodka (or two).

Russia was fortunate in many ways, in that it was such a large country. Because of the heavy losses during the Second World War, the population levels were not that high and although there was a great deal of flat land, there was also sufficient high ground to accommodate everyone. They also had huge natural resources and were more than capable of surviving the initial difficulties, and if things got really bad, there was always the vodka!

Like my father, I remained in Russia (my mother was Russian) and this decision was to pay dividends in later years. I did visit England a few times, but could easily see why my father had chosen Russia as his home for so many years.

As we moved into 2010, sea levels had increased by a further 5 inches, but this rate had doubled by the middle of 2012, making a rise of 17 inches in just six years.

Many areas were already seeing the effects of flooding and farms close to rivers had started to lose crops. Farmers had to watch helplessly as areas of their land started to resemble paddy fields. Coastal homes slowly started to empty as the sea raced towards their doors, many had to be abandoned at short notice during storms, as the water surged even further inland.

Countries like Holland were facing a crisis and would shortly expect to see their country completely swallowed up by the sea. Plans were drawn up to organize a total evacuation, with Britain and neighbouring countries offering help in finding them new homes. Unfortunately, this could be nothing more than a temporary solution, as the increasing sea levels would also affect them as well in time.

With the threat of more crops being lost and some products becoming harder to buy, prices began to increase as demand stretched supplies. Many people had still not fully accepted the real danger facing them and farmers were producing crops that were no longer considered "essential". This would all change in the following year as governments took much stronger control of the farming industry and started to consider a rationing system for certain products.

Even though the worst was still to come, the world economy was already showing signs of collapse. Tourism was one of the first areas to come under pressure, with many beaches shrinking, resorts flooded and of course people saving their money for an unknown future. Unemployment rose to new highs and companies selling luxury goods steadily began to close.
There was a brief glimmer of hope for the world when the US announced that a combined effort was to be made in October 2012 to create a shield for the planet. A different system had been designed to spray "new" chemicals into the atmosphere and every country had agreed to take part in this experiment. Whilst they hoped it would halt the heating process, at worst it might slow it down and buy the planet a little more time. They hoped to maintain this effort for a period of at least two years, but warned that the chemicals used could create new problems in respect of health. Those most at risk would be the elderly and very young children.

This decision caused some debate as a few felt that this may be an attempt to reduce the size of the population in readiness for the future. However, the deaths that the chemicals were likely to cause wouldn't really help in that respect.

By October 2013, one year into the experiment, sea levels had risen another 7 inches, but this was about fifty percent less than expected and for the first time in years there was some optimism. Unfortunately, this latest increase had brought the total rise in sea levels to two feet in the last seven years.

It was difficult for the public to know exactly what affect the chemical spraying was having on the population, as news of this was hardly ever published. But I guess people were not too worried about the casualties if the future could be saved.

Farm land continued to be lost and a strict rationing system was employed in much the same way as it was during the Second World War. Naturally, some items were available on the "Black Market" for those who could afford it, but it was uncertain how long money would be of use in the future.



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