Lonely old man

Lonlieness is something that no one should have to suffer, but we all know that many do.

Unless you have experienced true lonlieness yourself, it is very difficult to explain how it feels. However, if you can imagine being locked in a room with no television, internet, mobile phone, or someone to talk to, that might give you some idea of what lonely people face every day.

The service we provide is designed to enable lonely people to reconnect with the outside world. This begins by having regular conversations with members of our team and then introducing other people (in similar situations) to contact each other. It is hoped that, in time, each person will build a network of their own friends, who they can contact whenever they wish (for free). We will of course be available to assist, if and when needed.

We were hoping to obtain government funding for this service, so that anyone can receive this help, but despite making contact with the Prime Minister and the newly appointed Minister of Lonlieness (Tracey Crouch), this has not been forthcoming (yet)

Initially, the cost of providing this service will have to be met by the person who needs the help, or by their relatives. However, we will also be looking at the possibility of private funding as well.

The cost of our service depends on the frequency of the calls we make and their length. A typical call (pre-booked) will normally last an hour. Whilst we are hoping the people taking part will be able to do so online (with a webcam), we are prepared to consider basic telephone calls. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to create a network of contacts this way.

We realise that some older people may find handling a computer a little difficult at first, which is why we will try and keep things as simple as possible. Our instructions might follow an approach like this: 1) Turn on computer and wait a few minutes while it is loading 2) Click on the SKYPE icon on your screen 3) Wait for the SKYPE window to appear and then enter your password 4) When a list of your contacts appear, click on the one you want to call 5) Older woman on a laptopWhen their details appear on the screen, click on the video (to see each other) or telephone button (if you don't want to see each other) to call them 5) You will hear a calling sound and hopefully the other person will answer soon after. 6) Enjoy your chat!

We will always try and explain things in simple English (with diagrams if necessary) and avoid computer jargon where possible.

If you would like to find out more about our service, you will find our contact details below.

Lonlieness can seriously affect people physically and mentally, please don't let your loved one suffer in this way. We know you can not always be there for them, because you have your life to lead as well, but our service can certainly help to ease their suffering and make them feel important again. You too will feel good about helping this person, knowing that you are doing the best you can to improve their lives.


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What equipment will be needed?

The people taking part will ideally need a computer (or similar device) with a camera and a good internet connection.

Will instructions be available on how to get started?

This is the most difficult part. Some will have sufficient knowledge to operate a computer and connect to the internet. However, the majority will need assistance from their relatives, friends or care home. We can provide easy to follow instructions once this step has been completed.

Will the people using this service be safe?

Absolutely. Our service is to provide conversation on topics that interest the participants and to offer help and advice if requested. We do not need to know the person's address or their personal details and will encourage them not to reveal this to anyone they speak to.

If the person involved is showing worrying signs (mentally or physically), are you able to let his/her relatives know?

Yes, as long as it does not go against the wishes of the participant, or breaks any law connected with data protection or confidentiality.