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"Big Man" is a hero, we should encourage people like this, not prosecute them!

Big ManOn the 9th of December 2011, whilst at Linlithgow station, a teenager (Sam Main aged 19) was asked to leave the train by the conductor because he "allegedly" had an invalid ticket. The teenager refused to comply with the conductor's request and made it clear he was not going to move (which included some bad language).

This dispute was delaying the departure of the ScotRail's Edinburgh Waverley to Perth train and naturally the other customers were becoming annoyed.

After watching the argument between the conductor and Main, Alan Pollock (aged 35) decided to offer his assistance, which involved physically removing Main from the train. Pollock, now known as the "Big Man", used as much force as was necessary to remove the teenager, but did not appear to hit him or use any other excessive actions.

It would seem that the "Big Man" helped to reduce the delay that this teenager was causing and effectively was doing the job that ScotRail should have done. He also stopped a passenger from getting a 'free' ride, which normally attracts a fine (if anyone has the courage to prosecute fare dodgers). If all of this is a crime, then the "Big Man" is guilty.

However, judging by the response of most of the other passengers, it would seem that they approved of the Big Man's actions, although there was one woman who could be heard saying "There's no need for that" as the kid was thrown off the train. Sadly, it is people like this woman who have allowed people like Main to take liberties and her "politically correct" friends who protect them. She might like to remember that 'fare dodgers' reduce the profits of the transportation companies, which means the honest people have to pay more!

Some 40-50 years ago it was not uncommon to see members of the public getting involved with 'law breakers' and their actions were always appreciated by the rest of us, it also worked as a deterrent. Unfortunately, it is the 'Good Samaritans' who are penalised nowadays and the criminals who receive all the legal protection.

It takes courage to do what Alan Pollock did, but you can be fairly sure he will think twice about helping in the future if he is prosecuted. We can only hope that the person he refuses to help next time is the person who made all these stupid bloody laws!

If you get to read this article Alan, I would like to say WELL DONE! You deserve a medal!

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