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UK politics - Are you ready for a real change?

You would think, judging by the election results over the last century, that only twoUK Politics - Are you ready for a real change? political parties exist in the UK (Labour and the Conservatives). Whilst the Liberals/Liberal Democrats occasionally play a part in coalition governments (as they do now) or receive protest votes in by-elections, the majority of the voters always end up backing one of the 'main' parties. A good example of this political pendulum was seen again in the recent council elections.

There are a number of reasons why the public feel they must choose either the Conservatives or Labour. In most cases they do so because their parents voted for that particular party and they have inherited that political desire, in much the same way we obtain many of our views on life. Many feel that no other party has a chance of winning and consider voting for an alternative party is a wasted vote. Unfortunately, there are some that still have this naïve view of politicians and believe that different parties actually have different agendas.

This type of thinking guarantees that the present system will continue as it has always done and the public will remain disappointed with the results.

The best way to check on whether a political party is any good is to ask yourself "How have they helped me?" If you can list more than half a dozen examples I would be surprised. Your next question should then be "How have they helped my country?" And most of you will struggle to find one thing to add to this list.

The reason most of us vote for a political party is because they promise to provide us with the things we seek the most: A good job, a fair salary, a decent place to live, a safe environment, the opportunity to develop a business if we wish, health care, a good pension when we retire and many other basic requirements.

Politicians are elected to carry out our bidding, not to impose conditions on us that make our life difficult or to make decisions that affect our life without asking us first.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of politics, a handful of politicians decide what they think is best for us and do not care what we think about their decisions. But why would they, when they know the public are going to keep voting for them no matter what happens?

This may come as a shock to many, but it is not the politicians that decide our destiny, it is the people who control the politicians that do that. Politicians are nothing more than pawns for the real masters of our fate, a relatively small group of individuals that are incredibly rich and powerful.

When Tony Blair came to power he changed the Labour Party in such a way that it became almost the same as the Conservative Party. His loyalties were no longer reserved for the British working man/woman and he gave his support to big businesses (the rich and powerful mentioned previously). Blair backed the US administration (George Bush etc.) by agreeing to the illegal invasion of Iraq, on the understanding that his support would reap financial rewards later. As we all know, he is making millions now and this is why politicians look after the people who look after them.

The purpose of allowing the public to vote for Labour or the Conservatives is to give them the illusion that they do have a choice. Unfortunately, both parties have the same masters, so it does not really matter who wins. Each party may offer what appear to be different policies, but once they get elected it is business as usual for the real benefactors (not the public).

Are there any alternative political parties at the moment that are worth supporting? Not really, some are too extreme (like the BNP) and others too weak. George Galloway had a tremendous result recently (for the Respect Party), but he is just one man, and he still seems to show some loyalty to the Labour Party, who kicked him out years ago and are part of a system he claims to dislike.

In the past I have tried to encourage people to break away from the current system, but this takes time, money and a real desire to see change. The public must develop the courage to support a system that truly looks after its voters and allows them more say over their future.

I would love to create a political group whose members can vote for the people they want to lead it and be able to vote on the more important policies. This should also include the ability for members to vote off any leader (at any time) that is not providing the results he/she was elected to provide.

Whilst it is important to select leaders that have the correct skills to achieve the tasks requested of them, their sex, age, colour, race, religion or educational background should play no part in the selection process.

The political group I have in mind would concentrate on developing policies that are good for the UK and its residents. How do your views compare with mine?

Immigration - Immigrants should only be allowed into the UK if they have a skill that is needed (and someone already living here can not do the job), or they have sufficient funds to live in the UK without needing government assistance (benefits). This is the fairest system of all and does not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, colour or religion.

Europe - I question the benefits of a European Market and feel that each country should be encouraged to develop an industry that allows them to trade with others (as it used to be), using their own currency.

Culture - Whilst the culture of others should be respected, there is no reason why special arrangements should be granted to minorities. It is perhaps fair to say that most immigrants have come to the UK because their own countries have not been able to offer them the life we can provide, and it seems reasonable that they should observe (follow) the culture of their adopted country, as we would no doubt be expected to do in their country of origin.

Outsourcing - This has become something of an epidemic in recent years and is pushing up the unemployment figures dramatically. Unfortunately, the savings made rarely seem to benefit the consumers. I would personally insist that a company making its income from UK residents should employ UK residents. High unemployment allows companies to employ staff on low salaries and reducing unemployment would certainly change that.

Military - Governments interfere too much in other countries, using military force in many cases. In most situations this is not for the benefit of the civilians in these countries, but to force a regime change that will result in profits for large companies (oil companies usually). UK military forces should not be expected to risk their lives in wars that are designed to help private companies, their main purpose is to defend our country and its people.

Red Tape - Over the years we have seen a worrying increase in "political correctness" and an increase in laws that seriously restrict the things that we can do. Most of these are unnecessary and seem designed to take the fun out of our lives. Comedians have to be so careful about the jokes they tell that they are reduced to crude alternatives. We are forced to use an endless number of rubbish bins and face large fines if we use the wrong ones. Free speech is frowned upon and some organisations would like to see citizens put in prison if they dare to question certain subjects.

Financial institutions - The banking industry certainly needs much greater control and many of them are to blame for the current financial crisis. Their ability to control the credit flow can easily create a recession and whilst this can destroy individuals and small companies, it can produce incredible profits for the banks that do the controlling.

I am sure you can think of many other areas that need changing and this is the main reason for this article. As I have already mentioned, one person alone can not make the changes that are needed, so I am seeking your help.

Before we can create a new political group we need a plan. This involves designing policies that cover a wide range of topics, but these ideas must be financially viable. Suggestions are encouraged from as many people as possible, with the most popular (and practical) ideas pursued first.

You can help in a number of ways:

  • Get involved by suggesting ideas for policies.
  • Promote the idea of a new political party to as many people as possible. Place a link to this article in as many locations as you can.
  • Make a donation to help cover the costs of developing a new party (anything would be welcome)
  • A combination of all of the above

We need people who are proud of the UK and would like to see its traditions continue for many more centuries. It does not matter if your family has resided in the UK for generations, or you have recently arrived here, the important factor is having pride in where you live now and a desire to see it maintain its culture and historic values.

"Change" is not just a word that politicians like to use to fool you, it really is possible. But it means creating a new political system, having new politicians, introducing brave new ideas, supporting old values, and most importantly, it needs YOU!

You can contact me on the email link below. And if you wish to make a donation, you can do that via the Donate button.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope to hear from you soon. Links to updates will also appear on this page.

Ian Brockwell




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