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Syria latest target of "western terrorists"
(27 August 2013)

Once again the USA and Britain have found yet another excuse to interfere in the Middle East, risking world peace to feed their global ambitions.

It is almost certain that Syria will be the target of military action, principally from the USA and Britain, on the assumption that the Syrian government are behind the recent chemical attacks.

This "assumption" has not yet been proven and people like John Kerry (US Secretary of State) seem reluctant to wait for the official findings of the UN inspection team.

Even though Russia is likely to veto any call for military action against Syria, Kerry has effectively said it does not matter what they say and action can still be taken regardless of their decision.

It therefore seems pointless to have these inspections or put the matter to a vote, seeing as the US are determined to do whatever they want and ignore the opinions of others. This tactic is a repeat of the "WMD" lies used against Iraq some years ago.

John Kerry has described the chemical attack as a "moral obscenity" and indeed it is, but so too was the US government's hand in the 9/11 attack (killing thousands). It would surprise very few people if "outside forces" also had a hand in this latest outrage.

The question most people are asking at the moment is what will happen after the US and Britain strike Syria. Could this escalate into a full scale war in the Middle East, or maybe even trigger World War III?

The US are currently gambling that Russia will not respond with military action of their own (against the US or Britain), knowing that this will certainly create a World War, but how long can Russia (and others) maintain this stance?

I am sure the American and British public have no desire to enter into such a conflict, yet the politicians choose not to consider the feelings of the people who voted them into power.

As always, the public have the ability to stop these madmen from placing us all in danger, but never do. We do not have to keep voting for the same old political parties, or keep quiet when they make decisions that are not in our best interests. There are many (non-violent) ways in which we can remind our "leaders" of who they actually work for, there is no need for this to continue.

I have argued this point many times over the years, but the public are too weak minded to fight back and prefer to remain as slaves to the rich and powerful. All I can say is "Don't complain when the world goes down the toilet, you had your chance" hosted by - A reliable service with a wide selection of payment options.