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Yellowstone earthquake mystery?
(18 May 2013)

I frequently check the numerous earthquakes that occur daily around the world and these appear in many different locations. Most of them are relatively small and cause little or no damage.

The majority are found around the "Ring of Fire", an area that is shaped liked a horseshoe along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. It is also the home of more than 450 volcanoes.

We have all seen the destructive force of these earthquakes in places like Indonesia and Japan, but many of us pay particular attention to earthquakes occuring in and around Yellowstone. As you know, Yellowstone sits on top of a supervolcano and there is a fear that a substantial earthquake could trigger a super eruption.

The last time this happened was approximately 640,000 years ago and many believe that a repeat is overdue. A super eruption, depending on its duration, could cause a global catastrophe and create a "volcanic winter", where temperatures drop across the entire planet.

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For many weeks I have noticed a lack of any earthquakes in the "Ring of Fire" above California, even though the more usual areas were as active as ever. I assumed this was because there were no earthquakes (of any size) in this area.

However, on one earthquake monitor a magnitude 4.0 quake appeared south-west of Yellowstone, but the site appeared to develop a problem and it disappeared. On the assumption that this was a software related problem, I didn't think too much more about it. But another quake happened south of Yellowstone and this too vanished from the monitor later.

Could this be a coincidence? I think not. But why should anyone want to hide the fact that earthquakes are happening near Yellowstone?

Yellowstone itself frequently experiences earthquakes, although these are usually very small (according to the records), and just because there is a magnitude 4.0 quake south-west of Yellowstone, there is no reason to assume this will have any effect, or is there?

If we are to believe the official reports, the uplift seen in recent years is subsiding and the situation at Yellowstone is "Green" and "Normal". If these earthquake reports keep vanishing, can we expect a less normal situation soon?

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