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Russia almost certain to enter East Ukraine

(13 April 2014)

By Ian Brockwell

As the unrest in eastern Ukraine increases, we see (yet again) the double standards employed by the west (especially the United States). When pro-European protestors forcibly ejected the democratically elected president of Ukraine (Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych), the USA, Britain and other European countries made no attempt to quell the violence or encourage a more peaceful solution. However, when pro-Russian protestors make the same sort of stand, these same so called “champions of democracy” support the Ukraine authorities use of force against them. Clearly, the word democracy has a different meaning to some.

NATO has gone to some lengths in letting the world know that Russia apparently has some 40,000 troops “waiting” on the border of Russia and east Ukraine, although forget to mention that Russia has a perfect right to move troops to any location it wishes, within its own borders. Would they bother to mention such a troop movement in the USA if the same thing was to happen?

President Putin has already said that he would protect any Russians that are in danger, anywhere in the world, although Ukraine would almost certainly be top of his list. This was no idle threat, he will do exactly that.

Is it really possible that the United States, Europe and NATO think Putin is bluffing? If they do, they obviously do not understand him or Russia and are risking the very real possibility of a global confrontation.

I feel certain that Putin does not wish to see a military conflict with the west, or has any intention of expanding the Russian influence within that region. However, you can be sure he has no intention of letting the west obtain any further power in that region either.

The United States have finally met a country (and leader) that will not allow the tactics we have seen used in many other countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc.). Should the United States and its supporters ignore these dangers, they really will discover the true meaning of “costs”

My advice to those attacking Russia is to accept that this is one country that will not fall to their usual attempts of “regime change”. And the price they may have to pay for this relentless stupidity is the destruction of the dollar and a total collapse of their own economy. Obama has frequently made childish remarks about Putin (effectively insulting Russia itself) and this is not a good idea. Putin is no fool and can do a lot more than just turn off the gas that goes through Ukraine to Europe.

If Russia decides to enter eastern Ukraine, this may well happen in the next few days. The move will be completed very quickly and with a limited number of casualties. The west may not like this, but the “hot air” produced by their politicians cannot change or stop it and you can be sure they are fully aware of this situation.

As for the people of Ukraine, they must decide who will help their future the most. Personally, I believe they should maintain some independence and do business with Europe and Russia, but it is Russia that has helped them the most recently. They only have to look at other European countries to see the problems of joining the EU, many of these countries want to leave the Union (and would if their politicians gave them a choice). They say “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and Russia has certainly fed Ukraine. Unfortunately, Europe only offer ‘crumbs’ and the Ukrainian people will have to sell their souls to get that!


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