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Ukraine crisis could place a halt on US global ambitions

(02 March 2014)

By Ian Brockwell

As mentioned in my previous article, Russia has opted for a military option in Ukraine, at least in part of it. This was not too surprising, in view of the actions taken by the newly unelected government in Ukraine.

Since ceasing power, the rebels have been determined to make changes that are designed to break any connection with Russia and eliminate any forces that could derail their western backed coup d'état.

A large proportion of the Russian fleet is located in the naval base at Sevastopol in Crimea (Ukraine), a base that Ukraine has leased to Russia until 2042. However, how certain can Russia be that the rebels will not try and take control of this area as well? Would it be wise to allow some thugs to gain access to nuclear weapons?

President Putin had little choice but to send in a military force to protect Russia’s interests, an action Obama and other western leaders would have taken in the blink of an eye. The only difference is that Putin had the full support of his government and kept the leader of Crimea informed of his actions.

Unlike more recent conflicts in the world (involving the United States and its allies), Russia has a historical connection with Crimea and Ukraine, as both were part of the Soviet Union in the past. This can not be said of the invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the military interference in many other countries like Libya etc.

It is hard to believe that Obama, John Kerry and other western leaders can keep straight faces when they issue their threats to Russia about invading sovereign countries. Are we honestly expected to accept that it is OK for them to do this, but not others?

These same people pretend “outrage” at the number of people killed in Kiev prior to the takeover of power, yet say nothing about the thousands of Palestinians killed by Israel in recent times. Does Obama threaten Israel or suggest that they will “pay a price” for their actions? Of course not, and would it surprise anyone to know that some people think Israel have a hand in the Ukraine conflict?

Billionaire investor George Soros has been “connected” to some events in Ukraine, supposedly helping to bring “democracy” to the country. However, he has also bet $1.3 billion on a US stock market crash, so his motives are questionable. Would he really want to see a peaceful solution that may cost him $1.3 billion? This is the same man that made a $1 billion profit on a single trade shorting the British Pound back in 1992. People like him have the power and finances to manipulate events to achieve success, at the expense of others, and this happens all the time.

Will Russia expand their military presence beyond Crimea? This too can not be ruled out. Maybe Putin and Russia have had enough of being ‘tested’ by the United States and feel that it is time to make a stand. There are obvious dangers in doing this, but the alternatives might be even worse for Russia and the entire population of the planet.

With the odd exception, many of the comments seen on the internet are against the US global expansion program. The general public (including those in the US and Europe), do not want to see a world run by a small minority of rich and powerful individuals based in America, controlling the banks, media, laws and personal freedom. We are already seeing what “western democracy” is doing to our lives and pockets. The United States is financially bankrupt and survives because of the paper printing capabilities of the Federal Reserve. The European Union is also a disaster, with many members experiencing serious hardships and massive unemployment.

We should thank Putin, Russia and countries like China for standing up to the west, because they are our last hope of avoiding the slavery we can expect if things continue the way they are.


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