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Why not give UKIP a chance?

(29 September 2014)

By Ian Brockwell

Following their success in the European elections and the recent defection of two Conservative MP’s, UKIP are certainly causing something of a stir in British politics.

Unfortunately, the general public are still resisting the temptation to fully back UKIP and continue to limit their support to ‘protest voting’, perhaps believing the hype that a vote for UKIP in a General Election is a wasted vote. But is it?

Whilst there are many political parties to choose from in a General Election, we always seem to end up with one of the main parties in the driving seat (this is also true in the United States and many other countries). What few people seem to realise is that all the mainstream political parties are controlled by the same people, so it does not really matter to them who wins. However, the voters are given the illusion of choice, to make it appear as if they have some control over their destiny.

We have all seen how the Conservatives and Labour have destroyed Britain over the years, yet voters change from one party to the other, foolishly hoping that things will be different next time. How many more chances are you going to give them?

The recent vote for independence in Scotland was yet another example of how voting is manipulated, with the Conservatives  offering promises that they do not keep. There are quite a few people who believe the election was rigged and that the ‘Yes’ vote should have won.

Cameron has ‘promised’ to give the British public a referendum to decide on whether they wish to stay in the European Union (if the Conservatives are elected into power). Can he be trusted to deliver on this promise and will any such vote be conducted honestly?

We know that UKIP want to leave the European Union, that is a fact, so we would not need to cross our fingers if UKIP were in power.

There are many countries that would probably like to leave the EU, as it offers no benefits to their citizens. We could ask who does benefit from being part of the EU, but the answer is obvious.

Leaving the EU would give us the freedom to run our own country and put in place a sensible immigration policy. This does not mean introducing some racialist ban, or blocking all foreigners from entering the country, it means allowing people into the country (regardless of where they come from), if they are needed. I do not believe those already in the country need to fear the UKIP, providing they are doing work that British Nationals can not do (or there is a skills shortage) and they are paying their taxes like everyone else.

We also need a political party that will not automatically do America’s bidding when yet another war is created. Once again, Britain is being dragged into another military conflict in Iraq and Syria. Did the British public give their permission to get involved? Did a vote for Blair and Cameron give them the authority to do whatever they like?

Experts have already said that aerial bombing will not solve the problem in Iraq and Syria. It is interesting that oil refineries in Syria have been one of the main targets, but I suspect the real reason for this is to reduce the oil money going to the Syrian government, which the US probably hope will put more pressure on Assad and make it easier to create a regime change (something they have wanted for some time).

These sort of tactics have been employed in the Ukraine/Russia conflict. The US (backed by Europe) continue to impose more sanctions on Russia (no matter what Putin does), again with the hope of trying to encourage the Russian people to choose a different President (one that does what the US wants).
We may not be able to directly affect the political system in the US, but we can certainly put in a healthy distance from it.

I look at things in a simple way. We do not know if UKIP will solve all of our problems and make life better, but we do know the Conservatives and Labour will not. In a situation like this, why not give UKIP a chance to prove themselves? If they mess up, we can always try someone else next time and let’s be honest, how much worse can it be? hosted by - A reliable service with a wide selection of payment options.