If you are looking for an opportunity to make money, promote your own business and help others to promote theirs, our scheme will certainly be of interest to you. It costs nothing to join, so there is nothing to lose!

The main purpose of this scheme is to provide low cost advertising on a large scale, but we need your assistance in promoting this service. In return for your help, we will pay you a generous commission on every sale you (and those in your downline) introduce. As most of those who will join are likely to be involved in business, we hope that they will purchase an advert for themselves, especially as they make a commission on that as well. Adverts can be purchased for as little as £25 a year (£22.50 with your commission), so they are certainly not expensive.

All you have to do to JOIN OUR SCHEME is to complete a very simple form that will ask for your name, email address and the URL of your site if you have one. You then need to create a username and password, so that you can login to your account later. Commission payments are made by PayPal or cheque, so we need to know your name and where to send your money.

Once you have joined you can login to your account immediately. The first page you will see reveals all the special features at your disposal. The number of clicks your links produce, sales and commission earnt (all updated in real time). You can change your personal account details under "settings", view ads to promote our service under "Banners/Links" which already contain your special affiliate code. If you found this page via an existing member, their details will appear at the top of the "sign-up" form (just as yours will when you join).


As a member you can use the links provided and place them on your website or in emails. You can promote our service anyway you like (subject to the terms and conditions), but you must make sure people use your special affiliate url to ensure that you receive any commission (this is located at the top of the first page when you login). If you don't have a website, you can place the links in many of the adverts we provide.

You receive a commission when a person you have introduced (including you), or anyone in your downline, purchases an advert on ProFindSearch. There are 4 commission levels and each one pays 10%, which means if someone in your fourth level makes a sale, all those in that person's upline receive 10% from that sale (including you).


That's a bit like asking "How long is a piece of string?", it all depends on the effort you put into it. If you expect to automatically make money simply by joining, you will be disappointed, but if you promote the scheme like any other business, you could make a fortune!

The reason similar schemes fail is because those taking part usually spend more time "dreaming" about all the money they hope to make, rather than concentrating on promoting it. The most successful affiliates (the one's who make the big money) are very active, they believe in what they are doing, place their links where people can see them, tell as many people as possible about the scheme and most importantly, try to introduce others with equal enthusiasm. Personally introducing sales can be profitable, but the real money is generated when those in your downline do the same.

Let's look at some examples, but remember, these are examples and not predictions. If you were able to introduce just 5 people into this scheme, and your downline were able to do the same, you would have 780 members. Should they all purchase an advert (costing £100 for example), you would make £7,800.

That's good money of course, but imagine finding affiliates who can introduce 20 people each, that would produce £1.6 million!!!

It can be done, but not by everyone. But as the scheme is open to anyone on the planet, it will take a long time before we run out of potential customers.


If you haven't already joined, do so now. Add the Banners/Links available in the login area to your site (or whatever other method you choose) and promote the scheme as strongly as you can within the limits of the terms and conditions. If you don't have a site of your own, you can place the links in some of the adverts we have on offer (an advert within an advert).

As this scheme is about promoting yourself or your business, with the help of our adverts, we expect those involved will be interested in an advert of their own. We therefore believe it is reasonable to request that affiliates consider purchasing at least one advert (of any value) themselves. However, this is not compulsory and not something you need to do straightaway (if at all)

Members receive commission on their own purchases, so this is effectively like a discount on our already low rates! You can view the adverts available HERE and an explanation on how to request one.

You will receive an email as soon as anyone joins your downline or when you have made a commission, but you can check this in your login area as well.

If you would like a different link to those provided, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want you to have every chance of making money from this scheme. Your success is our success!


It happens sometimes, but what do you stand to lose? The membership is FREE and you don't have to make a purchase if you don't want to. If you decide to buy an advert, you will at least gain some valuable exposure (and probably some new customers) for a very small amount of money. Would that be so bad?

In business there are never any guarantees, but if you have the determination, you will profit from this scheme. All you have to do is set yourself a realistic target (introducing a minimum of 5 people for example), and then encourage the people you introduce to do exactly the same. It really is that simple.

Most know at least 5 people who are involved in a business, and who doesn't like the idea of making money? If you are not comfortable with "selling", let them read this page instead.


If there is something you are not sure about, or need some help, do not be afraid to ask. Send us an email at: with your question. Please place the following words in the subject area of the email "Affiliate Scheme Question" so that it won't get treated as spam.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new affiliate soon and hope that we will have an opportunity to not only provide a successful advert for you, but a chance to pay you some commission as well.




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