Why choose ProFindSearch to advertise?

We have listed a number of questions and answers below that we hope will make this a little clearer:

Q: Why should I pay to advertise on your Search Engine in order to get listed, when I can get this on Google for free?

A: Having a page listed on one of the major Search Engines does not mean it will get seen. According to a Media Post article "78% of web users abandon their search if the first 3 pages don't provide an answer to their question, and 28% don't scroll past the 2nd page of results". If your site provides a "Web Hosting" service (for example), a search on Google for this will return 138 million pages! So, unless your site is one of the top twenty listed, what chance do you have?

And is it really free? You may not have to pay Google to be listed, but think of all the time you spend optimizing your pages and arranging link exchanges, isn't your time costing you money?

Q: Can you guarantee me a top ten place on your Search Engine?

A: No. But this works both ways. If you can't get it, nobody else can and this gives every advertiser an equal opportunity. It is up to you to design an advert that is relevant (we will help you with this, see Keyword Advice).

Q: Do you have a PPC service or display "sponsored" entries?

A: We do not offer PPC and you can not be listed in the main results section by paying "extra". It is possible to place an advert on our site in one of the categories listed, and this will appear in the results of a search. However, you will notice special results appearing on the right of our search page. These are provided by ISEDN (of which ProFindSearch is a member). The results listed appear on many other Search Engines and Directories (number increasing all the time). To find out how you can include your site CLICK HERE for further details.

Q: Many Search Engines change their search algorithms constantly, will you?

A: Apart from upgrading the SE software to cope with demand, we will NOT change the search algorithm. Sadly, many sites, who have spent years getting a good position, have seen all this hard work wasted because of this. We prefer to deal with this area in more natural ways, which works out well for those searching and for the sites listed (everyone wins!).

Q: What are your views on sites that use Parasites, Spyware, Adware, Hijacking, Spamming etc?

A: They are not welcome on this Search Engine! We hope that the honest site owners who do use our services will help us to monitor this. If you see any site listed using these tactics, please inform us immediately. If they are found guilty, they will be removed and barred from applying again!

Q: Do you think ProFindSearch will ever become a major player?

A: We would like to think so, didn't Google start in a garage? With your help it is possible, especially as our development will be based on your feedback. This is a chance for you to obtain a Search Engine that helps everybody (big and small).

Q: Why do you only list individual pages and not the whole site?

A: We feel that with this system, site owners will only submit their best and most relevant pages. This reduces the number of non-relevant pages that appear in a search, which is good for the person searching and for the sites too, who have more chance of appearing in a good position.

Q: The financial benefits you offer with your new scheme sound good (Click here for details of this), but do MLM type schemes really work?

A: MLM (multi level marketing) is a great concept, but sadly abused by many and given a bad reputation by those who have tried it and failed (mainly because they spent more time dreaming about becoming rich, rather than making the effort required to get others involved). We believe that if people are given the real facts and encouraged to take it seriously, it can work, but it requires time and effort. Those involved can make good money, but in our opinion, any profit (no matter how small) is worth having. But the important thing to remember with our scheme is that it costs nothing to join and you don't have to make a purchase. So, if it costs you nothing, what do you have to lose?

Q: Will you introduce a Page Rank system like Google?

A: Doubtful. We are not looking to provide gimmicks, just a simple Search Engine that allows people to advertise their products or service without having to worry about things like page rank, the number of links to their site, duplicate content problems caused by datafeeds, changing search algorithms, resentment of affiliate marketing sites or a lack of technical knowledge in respect of Search Engine Optimization!

Q: Why did you decide not to allow people to add their pages for free?

A: We believe very much in the saying "nothing in life is free". If we had chosen the "free" route, we would have been forced to have obtained our income in other ways (more adverts and endless pop-ups etc.) This type of Search Engine already exists and we are certain you are looking for something different. We feel it is better (and more honest) to make a small charge for advertising and let others have an opportunity to share in the profits if they help us to promote our special scheme.

Q: Do you plan to add additional services to the Search Engine in the future?

A: We will certainly look at this and are prepared to add services that are of practical value to our customers. However, it is not our intention to "copy" our rivals, the main object is to provide searchers with the information they are looking for and to give websites a better chance of selling their products, services or information. The way it used to be and will be again!

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us by sending an email to: questions@profindsearch.com. Please add the word "Feedback" to the subject line.

Many thanks,

The ProFindSearch Team

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