Director of The company was created in April 2005 by Ian Brockwell (above) and whilst its main function is that of a search engine, several other services have been added over the years.


The Profindsearch Language Centre is designed to cater for a wide range of services. Although its main function is to provide English lessons via the internet (SKYPE), we also offer proof-reading, voice-overs (audio recordings), article writing on a variety of subjects, internet advertising and web site assistance.


We are of course prepared to consider any request, so please be sure to ask if you need help in an area that is not mentioned.


Our teaching services even extend to the casino business and we can provide training on games like Roulette and Blackjack. This can be arranged on an individual basis, or for groups.


Our Services are designed to provide all the help you would normally expect from a Language Centre and much more!


To find out more about our service, please call the number shown below, or send us an email.


Future Plans As our internet teaching service is relatively new, additional items will be added later. We hope that these will include links to student resources, a job finding service and perhaps a "chat" area. You are of course welcome to make any suggestions yourself.


Please be sure to check out these pages often for further news!

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