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Proof that Aliens exist

The $10,000 challenge!

On Sunday, the 25th of February 1996, the Space Shuttle Columbia placed an experimental tether in orbit (the STS-75 Space Shuttle mission). Its purpose was to attempt to generate electricity by utilizing Earth's magnetic field. However, the tether broke and the experiment failed.

Shortly after the tether broke, something strange happened. In the film footage taken by NASA a large number of UFO's Click Here to view an extract of the STS-75 tether incident(Unidentified Flying Objects) started appearing. Click the image on the right to see a short extract of this footage.

NASA has said that these objects (UFO's) were space debris and ice particles, but others believe they are alien space crafts. Some have claimed that the UFO's are extremely large, although skeptics have argued that such large craft would have been visible from the ground. This would seem a reasonable comment to make, but how many of us notice the Moon (much larger!) in the daytime? And would we see it at all (with the naked eye) if it were not reflecting light from the Sun?

The debate over who is right has continued since the incident happened, but the quality of the images have been unable to support the alien craft theory, until now perhaps?

A scientist, using a new technique, has been able to view these old images in a completely different way, revealing detail that has never been seen before. The process has revealed a great deal more about the Notch Craft (as it is called) and perhaps our first real look at the aliens that fly them!

To explain this process as simply as possible, imagine the "eye" of an ordinary needle. It is extremely small and for some very difficult to see with the naked eye. If you were to take a photo of this needle and enlarge it, the image would lose its resolution, become blurry, grainy and pixalate. However, the process being used overcomes these problems by enlarging the image to the point before it would start losing any resolution at all. This is done in a series of about 5 enhancement steps. Each enhancement goes through a filter that keeps the resolution intact and the remaining filters continue to enhance the image to whatever maximum it can obtain. CLICK HERE to see an example of the "needle" being enlarged with this process.

If this process can be used to enlarge the "eye of a needle", it can be used for any area, revealing aspects of an image that were previously hidden. Hopefully, this new process will enable us to view existing images in a completely different light (subject to the quality of the original photos of course).

The people involved in providing these images are convinced that they really are alien craft, and one of them is prepared to pay a $10,000.00 Cash Prize to the first person who can "debunk" the photos. The offer "is open to anyone who can challenge the photo's" (To prove they are not real). The purpose of this challenge is not to prove some "cover-up", but an attempt to provide the evidence that we have waited so long to obtain.

To support their claims you will see some of the images available on this page. Many of you will no doubt agree that these do provide the proof we have all been seeking. However, there will be just as many who don't, hence the challenge! For the skeptics out there who normally respond to such information with a witty (but old) remark, you will now have an opportunity to tell us all why you don't think they are real and maybe make yourself $10,000 richer at the same time!

This is a serious attempt at providing proof, and we would ask you to refrain from sending replies that do not provide suggestions on why you think these images are not real. Humorus comments or suggestions that are not related to this challenge will be ignored. The images displayed may not be used on other sites that do not contain a link to this page. Should you wish to display any of the images on your own site, please copy them and place them on your own server, not ours! The images can not be used for commercial purposes without prior permission from the owner.



Now it's time to have a closer look at the images themselves. We hope to addmore in the very near future and if you have any questions regarding certain Notch Back craft near the broken tetherdetails, just ask.View of the Notch Back craft. Click on the image to enlarge further

As you saw in the STS-75 footage, an object/craft passes behind the tether, another shot of the craft and tether can be seen in the image on the left.

The image on the right is an enlarged view of the Notch Back craft seen in the first image, using the new process to enhance the image (click on the image to see a larger version).

Already you can see how much more detail is visible, but the following images will reveal an even closer look at the craft.


In the process of enlarging the "STS-UFO", some symbols were discovered on the right hand side of the craft (see photo left). Image reveals "symbols" on the hull of the craftConsidering many feel that these images are nothing more than "ice particles", it is strange to see letters and numbers appearing in the picture so clearly.

When looking at the same image (in negative), you can also see anotherNegative image showing another "symbol" on the left hand side of the craft "symbol" to the left of the craft (see image on the right).

Similar symbols (and pictographs) have also been found on images taken from Mars, using the same technique for enlarging the detail, and we hope to add these for viewing later.

Oddly enough, symbols like these can be seen in many locations on Earth and it is believed that these may be a message of some kind.

Perhaps our readers may have some thoughts on these symbols? Have you seen them before anywhere and what significance do they have (if any)?

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Whilst an investigator (member of MUFON) had agreed to assist in exploring these images (the STS-75 photos), the International Director of MUFON (James Carrion) informed us that the methods used were not approved by MUFON as a whole. Although the member was genuinely trying to help us (and MUFON), it seems that "new" technology is not permitted, even though it may help provide the proof that we all seek. Maybe our desire/enthusiasm to obtain the truth is not shared by all? Anyway, just to confirm, MUFON is not officially involved with this project and any members offering assistance will do so as individuals.

Using the special photo process (created by the scientist who has supplied these photos), images from the "Phoenix Lights" have been enlarged and he has agreed to make these public (see below):

The Phoenix Lights 1997


Possible Porthole Windows


An Apology!

Due to the large volume of photos currently being examined (thousands), a photo of the "Lubbock Lights 1951" was accidentally displayed instead of the "Phoenix Lights" (they are a little similar). This was a genuine mistake and those concerned have apologized for this unfortunate error. However, the photo process was used on the correct event, it was just the initial photo that was in the wrong place. The "Lubbock Lights" have also been examined recently, hence the confusion. Sorry!

The following image (below) was taken from a hand-held video camera recording of a Notch Back in Earth's atmosphere, and is much smaller than the Notch Back seen near the tether. It is believed to be a craft for two occupants and appears to show a pictograph of the aliens that actually use this ship (these are on the actual hull of the craft), As you can see, the image reveals two different kinds of alien:

Notch Back revealing pictograph of two aliens

What is a pictograph? A pictograph, simply put, is a "picture writing scene"which is usually a direct representation of what you see. For example a "pictograph" of a house is a symbol for a house" etc. Click on Image 1 for a further example of this explanation. Image 2 is much the same, but includes an example of a UFO pictograph. And finally, in Image 3, you can see what may well be a face in the window of this UFO.


Electronic "circuits" appearing on the outer skin of the craft. Click on the image to enlarge

By using a different process, we are able to see what looks like electronic circuits behind the "face" on the left (see image on the right), and this is believed to be part of the system that powers the craft. Click on the image to enlarge.

Edgeview of the Notch Back showing the electronisc and electromagnetic generators that propel the Craft. Click on the image to enlargeThese "circuits can be seen on other areas of the craft.

The image on the left (Click to enlarge) is the edge of the Craft and is not visible to human eyes, but the Shuttle's CCD Camera sees in both visible and invisible light and did pick up what is believed to be the electronics and electromagnetic generators that propel the Craft. We are informed that "In the Notch is a fuel cell and at the front of the Craft is a Super Conducting Generator for its electromagnetic field."



Thermo imaging was also used with some of the photos. As some of you will know, this process is very much like an x-ray and enables us to see inside almost anything. However, perhaps as further evidence that these are indeed alien craft, the process was unable to penetrate any further into the craft than the images displayed. These "circuits" appear to be on the outer skin of Thermo image of Notch Backthe craft and in the image shown, partially blocked by the pictograph. Perhaps some currently unknown technology is making it impossible to explore any further.

The picture on the left is also a Thermo image of the Notch Back and what appears to be smaller craft flying nearby.

After the tether broke loose, around 50 UFO's were seen flying around the area, in what some have called a "swarm". If these "objects" were "space debris and ice particles" as suggested, would they move around in different directions as seen on the NASA footage? They were not visible before the tether broke, so where did they come from?

We have all seen astronauts walking in space and they do not fly off into the depths of space when they step outside, they remain alongside their craft (traveling at the same speed and in the same direction). If the Shuttle had "ejected" some debris into space around the time the tether broke, surely that would travel alongside the craft too? And would the astronauts really choose that moment to eject waste, after such an important piece of equipment has just been lost?

Do aliens exist? One can be almost certain that they do. Do these images prove their existence? That is for you to decide.

Those who believe that aliens exist feel that they have been watching over our planet for a very long time. Although many think that contact has already been made with certain members of our planet, they appear reluctant to make their presence known to all of us. This might be because they think we are not quite ready for that step yet, or prefer not to interfere. But are things changing?

UFO sightings have been quite steady for many years, but there are signs that the numbers are increasing. Information on sightings are being made more "available" and some get the feeling that we are being prepared for a future revelation. They may be waiting for us to mature more, or believe that the time has come to intervene (as we move ever closer to another global war and the potential annihilation of life on our planet).

With evidence of alien existence evading us for so long, we can only assume this was intentional. But maybe these images are proof that they are inviting us to take that first step, and encouraging us to accept that we are not alone. If they have been watching us for so long, we can be sure that their intentions are peaceful. Perhaps if we were able to show some of the same qualities, we might get a chance to meet them much sooner!

With the APPEP photo process (as displayed in the images above), it would now be possible to catalog all Alien Craft and Species type, if NASA and the Government are prepared to release their film footage.



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Further information/pages will be added shortly, including images from Mars using the same new image process. Check out this page as often as you can for further updates.

NOTE: and its owners are in no way responsible for the accuracy of the information provided with this challenge and are simply reporting the details as provided to them. Any complaints or disputes will be passed on to the providers of this information, and it is they that must decide on the appropriate response. Thanks.



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