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For most people it is difficult enough trying to capture lightning on camera as it strikes, but to obtain a photo that includes a UFO is beyond our wildest dreams. However, that is exactly what Christine Dickey has achieved, not just once, but many times.

Here is Christine's photo, we have highlighted the UFO that appeared:

UFO in thunderstorm - Photo supplied by kind permission from Christine Dickey


After using a special photo process on this photograph (PPP - Penetrating Photographic Process), which enables the smallest detail to be enlarged without distortion, the following images were produced:

Close-up of the object seen in the  thunderstorm photo
This is a close-up view of the object seen in the first photograph.

When enlarged even further, it is possible to see the actual shape of the craft. At first glance this seems somewhat unusual and not the sort of craft we have come to expect. One theory on this is that the craft is also a "pictograph", an advert if you like, that lets other aliens know exactly who they are.

The alien craft, nicknamed the "Golden Bull"
This is the craft, which we have nicknamed the "Golden Bull" because of its shape

The amazing thing about "PPP" is that there is almost no limit to the detail that can be achieved. On closer inspection a number of windows were apparently discovered, and after many hours of processing each image, it became possible to actually look inside! The following image is a selection of what appears to be different aliens found inside the craft. A couple of these are still awaiting the PPP treatment, but we are able to show you some that have been prepared (see below).

A display of just 6 of the aliens found onboard the craftThe image on the left shows six different types of aliens. a closer look at the alien appearing top center of the "six aliens image" Unfortunately, the ones in the top right and left corner are awaiting PPP and as you can see are not very clear.

However, with the help of filtering, it is possible to see one of these more clearly. The image on the right is an example of this and shows the alien from the top center.

It is believed that the object seen on the aliens chest might be a kind of restraining device and an explanation for this suggestion can be found below.

I think you will agree that this alien portrays quite a fierce image and seems to have what looks like at least two long fangs at the top of its mouth.

As we mentioned earlier, the people involved in producing these images believe there are many windows on the craft. Although time has only allowed for a brief look at a few of these (so far), mainly those that are found at the head of the craft (the area that appears to be illuminated in the image above), some of the "aliens" that have been seen in other windows have produced some surprises.

At the time of writing, only seven of the windows have been investigated, and the following images display what appears to be a wide variety of species (found in different windows of the craft):

Tall Alien GreyThe image on the left is believed to be a "Tall Alien Grey", an alien Alien with "hands"that most people are familiar with and the one that is most frequently mentioned in sightings of aliens.

However, the alien seen in the image on the right was perhaps the most amazing discovery of all.

Although most of the photos were able to reveal facial features, this is the only one so far to show a creature with "hands".

Even those who may be skeptical about the other images displayed on this page, you have to admit that this one is pretty staggering. I was certainly impressed when I saw it for the first time!

We have to try and remember that the universe probably contains millions of different life forms, many of which will seem incredible to us (maybe unbelievable to some?), but perhaps we are getting our first glimpse of this "variety" thanks to the PPP technique and Christine's amazing photo.

The next image is yet one more example of the aliens found on this craft:

Two "square head" aliensThese have been given the name "square head aliens" for obvious reasons.

You may think that they appear to be wearing some kind of mask, and it could be exactly that.

We mentioned earlier that one of the aliens displayed above might be wearing some kind of restraint. This might be true of many of the aliens appearing on this page. But why?

One of those involved in this project has a theory (which he hopes to explore later when there is more time), that this craft might be like an "Ark", collecting different species from planets throughout the universe. Naturally, some of these aliens might be quite dangerous and hence the restraints. Initial results seem to reveal that these aliens are kept in separate rooms on the craft (about 75 feet in size) and resemble prison cells. However, the "Ark" idea is only a theory.

There are many more images to come yet, these are just the first. And as usual, it is up to you to decide what all this means. All we can say is that the images presented are not manipulated in any way, these are enlarged images taken from the photo you saw at the top of the page, which was kindly provided by Christine Dickey.

Some have questioned the validity of the "Penetrating Photographic Process" and whilst it may be hard to believe that it can produce such detailed images, it is for real!

In order to prove this fact, the people involved are willing to give a "live" enhancement demonstration (by video conference) for one window on the craft photographed by Christine Dickey. This will also include a demonstration on the STS-75 Shuttle Tether Alien Craft (as discussed on our other page). Both demonstrations will last approximately 50 minutes, followed by about 20 minutes of questions and answers for those taking part.

This offer is by "INVITATION ONLY" and only open to people with suitable qualifications in this field, such as: Optical Scientists, Ufologists, Optical Engineers, or PH.D's with appropriate field experience. It is hoped to carry out this video conference at the end of October 2008.

To apply to take part in this demonstration, please send your request to: providing proof of your identity (copy of passport if possible) and confirmation of your occupation/organization you represent etc. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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