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Tattoo Sleeves

Pull on these spandex tattoo sleeves and in a moment you will have fully tattooed arms. Designed by a Hollywood makeup artist responsible for tattoos in films like Ocean's Eleven and others. An Ideal Gift for the guys at Christmas, but great at any time.

Japanese Tattoo Sleeves


These stretchy fabric sleeves feature Japanese inspired tattoo designs.

The sleeves are a bit like stockings, printed with fabulous tattoo designs. They are comfortable to wear and you'll really surprise your friends with these.

Vintage Tattoo Sleeves


Make people think you are covered in tattoos.

Cover your arms in full vintage tattoos from the bicep to the wrist. Just pull them onto your arm and wear a t-shirt to cover the elasticated top. The sleeves stretch over your arm to prevent wrinking.

They can be used over and over again and are incredibly realistic.

RockaBilly Tattoo Sleeves


Give your arms or even legs a PsychoBilly makeover with these tattoo sleeves. The designs on this are based on popular RockaBilly motifs.

Just pull on the fabric sleeve and your arms are instantly totally tattooed. Use them again and again to convince people you have all over body art.

Tribal Tattoo Sleeves


Instantly and painlessly get the fashionable tribal tattoo look.

Just pull on these printed stocking fabric sleeves and give yourself instant street cred.

Get your tattooed arms out on the weekend then take them off for work on Monday!

Metal (Tattoo) Sleeves


Look totally hard, like a biker from hell with these heavy metal tattoos.

These sleeves feature Metal motifs like Devils, pentangles, flames and visions of hell, as one might expect.

The effect is instant and painless, however, as you simply pull the sleeves onto your arms, disguise the top with a t-shirt and you are ready to go.

Gangsta Tattoo Sleeves


Impress the crew with your full on wicked tattooed arms.

Realistic Gangsta Tattoo clothing. Fabric Sleeves to use on your arm or legs. 2 sleeves in a pack, each sleeve has its own individual design.

Made from 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex. Available in various sizes.
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