Casino "Fun Days" have become very popular in recent years and are quite often given to individuals as a gift (by a company or friend). As the name suggests, the activity lasts for a day and gives the person attending a chance to learn more about casino games. A person will also be offered the opportunity of dealing the games (if they wish), which can often help with understanding the procedures involved. A copy of our "Casino Guide" will be included in the price (normally £10).

There are a number of ways in which individuals can attend these Fun Days and the option chosen can affect the cost.

If you are a company and wish to hold this event at your own location, we can bring all the necessary equipment and staff to you. However, this would only be financially viable if you wish to offer this service to at least 4 or more members of staff, as the minimum cost would be at least £400 (for two tables). The cost for individuals (attending an event at a location of our choice) would be around £100 each.

As personal needs can differ, it is difficult to provide an exact quotation on this site that applies to all (location can also affect the cost), so we normally suggest that you contact us to explain your needs, which also gives us an opportunity to explain in detail what we can provide.

We are confident that those attending our Fun Days will gain some very valuable information about playing Blackjack or Roulette and also find the experience extremely enjoyable. The dealers we use for these events are all professionals (former croupiers) and have many years experience working in casinos.

To obtain more details "click" on the Contact page and give us a call (or send an email). We look forward to hearing from you shortly.