These mini poker tournaments are ideal for almost any occasion (especially for pubs and clubs) and cater for players at all levels.

To obtain the maximum benefit from these events (to cover the cost of our service and a prize for the first and second placed winners) we would suggest an entrance fee of £15 each. However, this is entirely up to you and the amount you decide on will not affect our price (we make nothing from the game itself). There can be a maximum of 32 entrants per tournament, although a lesser number is possible. However, less players will of course produce a smaller fund for costs and prizes.

The tournament must be completed within 4 hours and our fee is £300 (subject to location). This includes the use of a quality poker table, chips for the game, cards, fun money and an experienced dealer. Of course, you do not need to book our services until you have a sufficient number of people interested, so this eliminates any financial risk on your part. You can download an entry form on the link below and ask your customers to put their name down if they are interested (this list is for your use, not ours)


CLICK HERE to download an entry form for potential players


The rules are based loosely on the "World Series of Poker" tournament events (seen on TV) in that No-Limit bets are allowable. Players may bet or raise any amount over the minimum raise up to all of the chips the player has at the table (called an all-in bet).

However, in order to give 'novice' players a better chance of winning, there will be no blind bets and qualifying rounds will be limited to a period of 30 minutes each. The final will be contested over a period of one hour and consist of the two best players from each of the previous 4 qualifying rounds (the two players who finished with the most chips).

The 'dealer' at the start of play will be selected by deciding who has the highest card (Aces high). The dealer button will be placed in front of this player and the first card will be dealt to the next player on their left. This button will move to the next player on their left after the end of each game (clockwise).

Betting will take place after each player has received two cards (face down) and before the flop cards are dealt (pre-flop betting round). Once this first round of betting has been completed three cards will be dealt to the flop and a further betting round can take place.

At the end of this betting round a fourth card is added to the flop and another round of betting can begin (this is also called 'The Turn' or 'Fourth Street')

On the completion of betting a fifth card is added to the flop (also called 'River' or 'Fifth Street') and the fourth and final round of betting then takes place (if necessary).

A player can use both, one or none of his/her 'hole cards' with the flop (community cards) to make a hand. However, if the remaining players in the 'showdown' (end of game) use all five community cards as their 'best hand', the pot will be shared.

In the event of the first card dealt being exposed (a 'misdeal'), the cards will be dealt again. However, if another card is exposed (not the first one), this will be replaced when all cards have been issued and the exposed card burnt. Should more than one card be exposed, the game will be re-dealt.

Should two or more players obtain the same ranking hands, the value of the remaining cards (kickers) will be taken into account.

Whilst a hand must be shown by the player to prove it is a winner, a player is under no obligation to reveal their cards if they have folded (or conceded) a game. Any request by a player for the dealer to reveal cards AFTER the game is completed is at the dealer's discretion.

The organisers reserve the right to adapt or amend these rules without warning in the event of an unforeseen situation, and their decision will be final.