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Stop Smoking with HypnosisAs we all know, nicotine (the primary psychoactive chemical in tobacco) is addictive. It can take an average 14 years off your life, has been known to cause birth defects (for women who smoke during pregnancy) and about half of all cigarette smokers die of tobacco-related diseases. Add to that the smell it leaves on your clothes and breath, the cough that often accompanies it and the cost of actually buying them, and you already have plenty of good reasons to stop.

But did you also know that cigarettes contain close on 600 additives, including things like Ammonia, Caffeine, Sugars, Vinegar and Yeast. Many of these “extra 600” ingredients are supposed to improve the smoking experience, but in reality they enhance the addictive properties of the cigarette, making it even harder to kick the habit.

Unfortunately, it is not just the nicotine and other chemicals that make it hard to stop, but the habit that has formed in your sub-conscious mind. When people decide to stop, it is their conscious mind that has made this decision, but the sub-conscious plays the dominant role and continues to urge you to smoke. That’s why it takes so long to break the habit, because you are constantly having a battle with yourself. This applies to all habits, not just smoking.

To truly overcome this problem, you need to erase the desire to smoke from your sub-conscious and the only effective way of doing this is with the help of hypnosis. Our brains are much the same as computers, so if you want to change a function, you need to change the program.

Hypnosis has long been considered the most successful method for helping people to stop smoking, but can also be used to help overcome fears and phobias, and a variety of other psycological problems. So, if you truly want to break this awful habit, our stop smoking hypnosis download is here to help you.

Unlike other methods (gum, patches, tablets and electronic cigarettes etc.), which do not address the primary cause of the addiction (and cost a lot of money), our download is designed to eliminate the root of the problem and has a price (£6.50) that is equivalent to one packet of cheap cigarettes (and you can use the download as many times as you wish or need).

To obtain your download just click on the "Buy Now" button below and we will email the link you need as quickly as possible. For many, the download will provide immediate benefits, although sometimes it takes a little longer (depends on the individual). Should you encounter any problems in making your purchase, please contact us on the following email: so that we can help you without delay.






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