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Chemtrails - The latest news on the Chemtrail story

Chemtrails - The latest news on the Chemtrail storyWe read with interest a recent article published on entitled "Chemtrails - Predictions", which explains some of the possible reasons for their existence and offers an unusual explanation by the author. Sadly, this is yet another story that misses the point.

In the article, the author (Ken Welch), believes that the Chemtrails are designed to weaken our immunity to certain viruses and make it easier for people to be killed (in so many words). And whilst he provides lots of information and figures, the one piece of information missing is "Why?" would anyone want to do this.

There have been a number of suggestions as to why chemicals are being sprayed into the atmosphere. Some have said that this is an attempt to control the weather and that there is some military purpose behind it and of course the latest offering is that it is to kill people by weakening their immunity system.

We are currently living in a world where the US believe that most Muslims are terrorists and the US government have ambitions to take control of countries rich in oil. If they see Middle Eastern countries (excluding Israel) and Muslims as a danger to their beloved "democracy", why on Earth would they want to kill thousands of their own people? It simply makes no sense!

There is no doubt that Chemtrails exist, and have done so since at least 1998. The chemicals involved are harmful to a persons health and there is certainly a reason for all the spraying. But this is happening in many other countries, not just the US, which suggests that there is a combined effort going on here.

Unfortunately, people have a habit of inventing strange reasons for an action when there is a more obvious one right under their noses.

Let's examine the situation in a more logical way. Firstly, if this was some new and sinister weapon, does it really take 7 or more years to test? If it is some way of controlling the weather, why is the US being hit by some of the worst weather conditions on record? If the US is able to control storms, wouldn't they use this technology on their enemies?

Chemtrails have been kept a secret, but as we know, you can't hide something like that forever. With so many countries doing it, there is clearly an important reason for it, but the purpose is being kept from the public.

Governments (especially the US government) have been happy to let people "speculate" on the reason for all this spraying. It is not something they can hide, but they have not tried to block reports that have suggested there is some military or weather controlling reason behind it (they have even encouraged this line of thought). We should all know by now that if a government isn't silencing certain ideas, there is a purpose to that and it helps to distract people from the real reason.

But what is the real reason? Well, if we forget the idea that the US and other European countries are trying to kill its own people, the only other reason for exposing them to harmful chemicals is to provide some protection.

But what terrible thing are they protecting us from that forces them to risk our health? The only thing that could warrant killing thousands of people, is an attempt to protect a much higher number (millions).

The fact that the spraying is happening in our atmosphere suggests two possibilities. It is designed to keep something in, or something out. We can't think of anything that needs to be kept in, so it must be to keep something out. That "something" has to be coming from outer space, but what?

We have written many articles explaining this and our belief is that the "something" is in fact the outer edges of a Galactic Superwave. This is a cosmic event that has occured before (probably 3 times in our history) and is due to occur again. A Galactic Superwave has the ability to wipe out all known life on the planet and there is very little we can do to protect ourselves from it.

A Galactic Superwave is effectively the result of an explosion within either our own galaxy or a neighbouring one. The wave travels at close to the speed of light, so there is very little chance of seeing it coming, although some signs will be noticed just before it hits.

There are currently signs that we are seeing the effects of this already (in a limited way) and these effects are altering all the planets in our solar system (not just our own). This event was noticed many years ago (about the same time Chemtrails appeared), and this we believe is the real reason for the spraying.

Click Here to find a Hypnosis Download that can help you!The effects we are experiencing at the moment are much like those you would find in a common microwave oven and just like a microwave, metal reflects the waves. This perhaps explains why the "chemicals" used in the spraying are "metal" in nature and we presume this is an attempt to deflect some of the rays hitting our planet.

Sadly, this can only reduce the problem and delay what is on the way, but it may buy us some time. The Global Warming problem we are seeing at the moment is almost certainly caused by this solar event and it can only get worse. This will include more violent storms (like Hurricanes) and an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity.

The links we have provided below will provide more information on this subject and worth checking out if you are really interested in your future. Perhaps knowing that many articles on this subject are being covered-up, will give you a good indication of how real the problem is. It would almost be nice to discover that the other suggestions for Chemtrails were correct, but unfortunately the real reason is much more serious than you can possibly imagine!

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