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Profind Doctor - Illness and SymptomsNot all Medical problems are serious and the "Profind Doctor" is designed to try and answer the many questions that people have regarding their health. It is not possible to cover every illness or disease and we have therefore listed the most popular problems and symptoms in each category (and offer the names of other illnesses and diseases that could also be relevant to your symptoms).

It is our hope that we can provide information for the more usual questions like: "What are the symptoms of ...?" and "What can cause...?" or "What is the treatment for...?"

We have listed a number of categories below that cover the more usual problems, and we shall be adding to this as often as possible. The information provided will cover the symptoms and indications of the illness, the treatment and the people most commonly affected.

Our service is only to provide guidance and is not designed to replace your doctor. Please seek medical advice from your own doctor if you have any doubts about your illness.


1) Sudden or severe abdominal pain
2) Bleeding from the rectum, blood in faeces, pain
3) Abnormal vaginal bleeding
4) Breathlessness, wheezing and breathing difficulties
5) Chest Pain
6) Chest Pain with breathlessness, cough and breathing difficulty
7) Convulsions (Fits)
8) Abnormal discharge from vagina or penis
9) Symptoms of Ear problems, pain, discharge, ringing in ears, deafness, vertigo
10) Gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, diarrhoea, pain, fever
11) Headache with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, vision disturbance
12) Inflammation of Eyes or eyelids, red eyes, itching, pain, discharge
13) Flu like symptoms, including headache, chills, fever, pains, sore throat
14) Kidney symptoms including pain in the lower back, fever, blood or pus in urine, vomiting, headache, fatigue
15) Symptoms of Liver problems, Jaundice, fatigue, anaemia, dark urine, itching skin
16) Symptoms of lung problems, cough with sputum, chest pain, breathing problems, fever
17) Skin lesions or ulcers
18) Skin Rash
19) Severe sore throat, hoarseness, voice changes
20) Thirst
21) Vision problems
22) Urinary tract problems, urinary frequency, pain on passing urine, blood in urine





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